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Trump Survival Appendix C: Jack’s Bug-Out Bag

Below is the contents of my bug-out bag, in no particular order. You may of course adjust this to your living situation and budget. Italicized items are items you can carry in the listed layer, but may or may not on a daily basis.

Pocket carry:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Cash, both US and foreign currencies
  3. Knife, for defense and utility
  4. Lockpick set and handcuff key
  5. Concealed handgun (I don’t actually carry; illegal under 21 in my state)
  6. Ammunition, two magazines


  1. Firestarter (lighter or waterproof matches)
  2. Phone charger
  3. Pocket reference book
  4. First-aid kit
  5. Personal medication (Epipen)
  6. Shemagh or keffiyeh
  7. Gloves
  8. LED flashlight or headlamp
  9. Hand-crank or solar generator
  10. Map of United States and some surrounding states (MA, NH, VT, CT, RI, ME)
  11. Compass
  12. Notepad and pen
  13. Ear protection
  14. Ammunition for handgun, three magazines
  15. Parachute cord, 100ft
  16. Duct tape, one roll
  17. Electrical tape, one roll
  18. Multitool
  19. Condoms, non-lubricated, one box
  20. Binoculars
  21. Snare wire
  22. Maxi pads, one box
  23. Quarters, $10

Car bag:

  1. Tool kit
    1. Socket set
    2. Adjustable wrench
    3. Claw hammer
    4. Mallet
    5. Screwdrivers, Philips and flathead, min. two sizes each
    6. Hand saw
    7. Allen wrench set
    8. Pliers
    9. Wire cutters
    10. Bolt cutters
    11. Clamps
    12. Measuring tape
    13. Geiger counter and dosimeter
  2. Military entrenching tool (folding shovel, but may offer other functions as well)
  3. Road flares, flare gun
  4. Signal mirror
  5. Batteries, AA, AAA, 9-volt, D
  6. Emergency radio
  7. Long gun, .223 Remington
  8. Ammunition, .223, minimum five magazines
  9. Suppressors (if legal in your state)
  10. Climbing or heavy-duty towing rope
  11. Ziploc bags, one-gallon, min. 5
  12. N95 dust mask
  13. M40 gas mask
  14. Sewing kit
  15. Hygiene kit
    1. Straight razor or disposable razor with 3 cartridges
    2. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
    3. Comb or hair brush
    4. Waterless body wash and shampoo
    5. Hand towel
    6. Personal deodorant
    7. Toilet paper, min. one roll
  16. EMT trauma kit
  17. Sleeping bag rated to -30F (depending on location)
  18. Sunscreen, insect repellent, location-appropriate antivenom or medication (if you’re in the Southwest)
  19. Camp cooking kit
  20. Nonperishable, hypoallergenic survival rations, min. three days’
  21. Water, min. 5L
  22. Fuel, min. 10 gallons
  23. Hand-pump water filter
  24. Collapsible canteen or Camelback
  25. Clothing and tactical wear
    1. Underwear, min. 6 sets
    2. Hiking socks, min. 6 sets (if no other clothes, carry socks and underwear)
    3. Combat boots, one pair
    4. Fatigue pants, one pair
    5. Durable long-sleeve shirt
    6. Durable short-sleeve shirt
    7. Insulated windbreaker or fleece
    8. Rain poncho
    9. Shemagh or keffiyeh
    10. Hat, brimmed or baseball
    11. Gloves, one pair
    12. Sunglasses, one pair
    13. MOLLE vest or pouch harness
    14. Thigh holster

submitted by Grey timber wolf

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Add more if traveling or if taking kids to the forest I add my tomahawk and fixed knife and a dedicated survival pouch

Legendary Laundry Artifacts

Every week or so, our cleaning crew gathers up the laundry from our various henchcrews for cleaning and mending. Given the nature of our work, the artifacts found tend to be strange and unusual.

The following is a snapshot of recently retrieved items:

  • 3 lost souls (returned to owners)
  • 16 waterproof matches that were burning with 12 different flame colors (to clarify: 1 color per match)
  • A small boulder (to discuss with earth elementals: please empty pockets before sending laundry to sort)
  • A laundry hamper (to discuss with laundry crew: please do not wash laundry hampers with clothes)
  • A very confused ghost who got lost (in life he was a sailor)
  • 7 fey manuscripts (waterlogged but state they do not mind… currently unsure if overly polite or if they are ocean-based)
  • 5 skeleton keys
  • 4 skeletons (possible fifth may be stuck in the dryer, maintenance has been alerted)
  • 9 flowers (various, beautiful)
  • 3 packaged snacks (various, eaten by laundry crew)
  • 32 mermaid scales
  • Every lost sock from every superhero and side kick laundered in the past week (via mystical and unexplainable convergence)

My EDC. Not pictured is my hat and watch nor my wallet and the QuikClot comabt gauze. What is pictured is:

1) 23 waterproofed matches

2) my keys

3) NEBO CSI edge 50 flashlight (has been the toughest flashlight I`ve ever had, very pleased with it.

4) Surplus AK74 cleaning kit (I stuffed a .22 caliber mop inside to keep it from rattling)

5) @gerberknives Air ranger for delicate cutting tasks

6) @benchmadeknifeco 17400 (I think) Pardue from the discontinued HK line. This knife (I understand) was discontinued before HK even severed ties with @benchmadeknifeco. I got it as a gift and it`s never failed to please.

7) CRKT STIFF K.I.S.S. designed by Ed Halligan. I wrote a little bit on this in my gear masterpost, the gist is that I got it because it`s so very similar to the SI Grab-n-Stab. I scored it cheap and have been pleasantly surprised. I thought I`d have to get a new sheath, the factory seems flimsy (and it still does a bit) but in several dozen trips through the woods in all weather conditions it`s held up and I`ve not lost my knife. I opt to carry it upside down from traditionally on a belt.

8) @zippolighter, this was a gift from my best friend after his visit to the D-Day museum in Normandy. He chose this one specifically because he knows I tend to prefer understated, and it was the least gaudy they had.

9) @mauijimsunglasses. Cracked lens, bent arm, blocking sun.

Going to tag @droidcommanderoom-9, @darkness-and-shadow@roninart-tactical and @norseminuteman for some EDC pics.

team minato plays desert island...

minato: “kakashi, what book would you bring on a desert island?”

kakashi: “question: is there firewood on the island?”

rin: “i guess.”

kakashi: “then i would bring an axe. no books.”

obito: “no, it has to be a book kakashi.”

kakashi: “fine. shinobi’s desk reference–”

minato: “nice. smart.”

kakashi: “–hollowed out. inside: waterproof matches, food pills, beet seeds. protein bars. space blanket… and, in case i get bored… icha icha volume 1. no, icha icha volume 2.”

Submitted by Nancy Eileen

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My first run at building my EDC.