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Harry Potter Spell Themed Asks

Accio :
If you could summon anything in the world right now what would it be?

Aguamenti: Do you like water?

Alohomora: Can you and have you, ever picked a lock?

Anapneo: Are you CPR certified?

Aparecium: On of a scale of Mr. Bean to 007 how much of a spy are you?

Avada Kedavra: If you could kill one single person, who would it be?

Avis: What’s your favorite kind of bird?

Brachiabindo: Have you ever been tied up before? What was the circumstance?

Capacious Extremis: If you could make one object bigger on the inside, what would the object be?

Cave Inimicum: You’ve got to fortify your room from zombies with only objects you have readily available. What do you use?

Colloportus: Have you ever locked yourself out of your own house before? If so, what did you do?

Confringo: Have you ever accidentally set fire to something?

Confundo : What confuses you most about the world?

Crucio: What’s the worst pain you’ve ever been in?

Deletrius: What’s the last thing that you did besides this?

Densaugeo: What’s the most extensive thing you’ve been to the dentist for?

Deprimo: Have you ever been knocked over by the wind before?

Descendo: What’s been a low point in your life?

Diffindo: When was the last time you ripped and article of clothing?

Engorgio: What’s the worst case of swelling you’ve ever experience?

Episkey: If you could heal anyone in the world right now, who would it be?

Expecto Patronum: What’s your happiest memory?

Expelliarmus: Have you ever had to disarm someone? If so, why?

Expulso: Have you ever made something explode? Explain how and why?

Ferula: Have you ever had to wear a brace? What happened?

Flagrate: If you could write one thing in the sky, what would it be?

Flipendo: Have you ever fallen down stairs before?

Fulgari: If you could be bond to one person, who would it be?

Furnunculus: How bad was your acne as a teenage?

Geminio: If you could have a single copy of something, anything, what would it be?

Glisseo: Water slide or playground slide?

Impedimenta: You can stop one person from coming near you, ever, like a permanent, unbreakable restraining order, who is it?

Imperio: You can have one person be your slave for a day without repercussion, who?

Impervius : In the middle of a storm would you rather have waterproof shoes, or a waterproof coat?

Incarcerous: Have you ever tied someone up?

Incendio: Do you like candles? If so, what’s your favorite smell?

Langlock: You can stop one person in the world from speaking. Who is it?

Legilimens: If you had the power to read minds for a day, would you use it?

Locomotor: You can chose one object to follow you around, what is it?

Lumos: Candle, Flashlight, Sunlight, Moonlight, or Bioluminescence? 

Meteolojinx Recanto: What’s your favorite type of weather?

Mobiliarbus: What’s your dream garden?

Molliare: Have you ever made a surprisingly soft landing when you were sure you’d break something? What happened?

Morsmordre: What would your signal in the sky be to mark your presence?

Muffliato: Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation? What was it about?

Nox: Were you/are you, afraid of the dark?

Obliviate: What’s something you wish you could forget?

Obscuro: What’s a kink that you have? What about it excites you?

Oppugno: You’re about to be in a fight! The object directly to your left is what you have as a weapon! What is it and how would you use it?

Orchideous: What’s your favorite flower?

Pack: When’s the last time you did some packing?

Petrificus Totalus: Have you ever been/felt paralyzed?

Piertotum Locomotor: You can make one  object in your current room come to life, what is it?

Point Me: How easily do you get lost?

Portus: What object would you turn into a portkey and where would it take you?

Protego: You can protect one person from harm. Who?

Quietus: When was the last time you yelled at someone?

Reducio: What’s something you’d like to make bigger?

Reducto: You’ve got one chance to explode something without an consequences. What is it?

Rennervate: Have you ever passed out/fainted before? What happened?

Reparo: What’s one thing you’d like to fix?

Rictusempra: Where’s the most effective place to tickle you?

Riddikulus: What’s your greatest fear? Do you think you’ll be able to overcome it?

Scourgify: What’s something that you should clean up?

Sectumsempra: Have you ever hurt someone? What happened?

Serpensortia: Do you like snakes?

Silencio: How much “quiet time” on average, do you need in a day?

Sonorus: If you had a message you could say to the whole world. What would it be?

Specialis Revelio: If you could have a magical property, what would it be?

Stupefy: Do you think you’d be able to knock someone out?

Tarantallegra: What’s your favorite kind of dance?

Wingardium Leviosa: If you had the power of telekinesis, what would you do with it?

Dawning in Dust: Part X

Thanks to all of you readers who have sent asks and shown this story love. Special thanks to @lenny9987 for the beta ❤️

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Breakfast was a quiet affair. Jamie and Ian were out with the tenants completing the never ending winter prep list. Young Jamie had woken Jenny up a few hours earlier, which meant that the latter was already halfway through today’s do list by the time Claire came downstairs to eat. Mrs. Crook, the housekeeper and main cook, came and cleared away the remaining breakfast dishes, firmly insisting that Claire not lift a finger to help as she was a guest. Not wanting to cause waves, Claire bundled up and prepared to go outside.

She emerged from the warmth of the Lallybroch manor house, breath stolen by the wind and freezing rain coming down outside. On mainland Europe, rain would have been met with shelter lock downs and chemical tests due to the toxin contamination in the food and water supplies. Not for the first time, she was grateful for a full belly and more than adequate shelter to return to each night.

She made her way toward the barn to meet Jamie, shrugging to keep the knit scarf Jenny had given her as high as possible. Shivering with cold and a slight case of nerves, she trudged through the mud as fast as she could without slipping. The barn’s large sliding door was half way open and she could see the horses champing on their breakfasts or pacing in their stalls. With the dark clouds and rain outside, it only took a few blinks for Claire’s eyes to adjust to the dimness inside.

There was something about the scents of the hay, manure, and animals that stopped Claire. She stood, eyes closed, breathing in slowly and listening to the shuffling of hoofed feet and the patter of rain on the roof. Maybe it reminded her of her world travels with Uncle Lamb. Maybe it was the thought of caring for other living things; each inhabitant of this estate coexisting for survival. Maybe it was feeling close to the earth; dirt and plants and life remaining despite the explosive destruction of civilization.

“Morning Sassenach,” a quiet voice said beside her.

The corners of her mouth turned up, but she didn’t open her eyes yet. She could feel him, his large presence standing so close that his natural heat radiated into her own flesh. Her heart thumped, blood surging strong and sure through her veins as the moment of peace passed over her. Jamie didn’t move or say anything; he just was along with her and time and the moment. Sighing contentedly, Claire opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“Good morning.”

“Did ye sleep well?” he asked, looking her over carefully.

“Yes, eventually. You?”

“Aye, eventually.”

They smiled at each other for a moment before Jamie coughed and turned slightly toward the exit.

“Are ye ready to see yer surprise?”

Claire eyed him dubiously and he laughed.

Dinna fash. Come, it’s this way.“

He held out his hand and she took it, feeling nervous. In truth, Claire tossed and turned after Jamie left her room last night. Deep sleep was interrupted by flashes of dreams and memories; her mother singing; Claire and Frank on their wedding day; the last letter she’d ever received from him; Claire running, unable to find whatever it was she was looking for; Jamie, down the hallway sleeping.

She twined her fingers with his as they headed back outside, walking fast to keep up with his long stride. He wore his tartan coat today, the curls of his auburn hair escaping the grey beanie on his head.

"Are you keeping your bandages dry?” she asked, eying the crimson fabric that was darkening at the shoulders from the rain. She saw his cheek curl and thought he must be smiling.

“Aye. There’s a waterproof liner inside my coat. Besides,” he looked down at her, moving her hand and tucking it into the curve of his elbow, “I dinna want to get my arse skelped for going against doctor’s orders now do I?”

Claire gave him a look and nudged him gently with her shoulder. While he was up and about every day, she noticed the stiffness in the way he still carried himself.

“I’m not a doctor, but I’m glad you know who’s in charge.”

Jamie made a Scottish noise of amusement and led her to a small outbuilding. It was no more than a large shed, but she could tell that the two windows on either side of the door had recently been washed. The door was open, the smell of lemon wafting out into the cold air.

“In there,” he said, releasing her so she could go inside first.

The room had been freshly scrubbed down. Claire briefly took in the many shelves and storage boxes along the walls before her eyes caught the object on the table. Her fingers were touching it before she even had a thought, the smooth worn wood of the old medicine chest like velvet against her fingers. She looked up at Jamie, questioning, and saw his look of nervous anticipation.

“Open it,” he encouraged.

Claire pulled the latch open and lifted the lid.

“Jamie!” she said, a delighted grin spreading over her face.

She touched the contents of the chest, sterile medicaments, herbs in old fashioned glass bottles, and simple surgical instruments, most of them hospital grade.

“Here, there’s more,” Jamie said, encouraged by her enthusiasm. He opened the front, revealing tiny drawers filled with pre packaged sutures and needles.

“The hospital in Broch Morda was in disuse,” he explained, watching her as she started making a mental inventory of the new supplies. “The local tenants divided the remaining medicinals. I’d have grabbed the more advanced instruments but I didna think we’d have anyone who would ken how to use them properly, even if we could fix their coding.”

”This was in the Medical Director’s office,” he went on, nodding at the chest. “I couldna bear to leave a piece of history behind so I took it. Now, I’m especially glad I did.”

Claire met his eyes, a happy flush to her cheeks and eyes clouding over slightly with moisture.

"Do ye like it?” he asked, searching her face.

“Yes, it’s wonderful!” she replied, with feeling.

“It suits ye, Sassenach,” he said, the corners of his mouth turning up. “I hope this space will be sufficient for your doctoring.”

She blinked, then looked around the room.

“You… you mean this is for me to use?”

“Ye’ll need privacy to do some of the things that need done, aye? I thought this would be a nice spot for it. Close to the house but out of the way. It’ll be warm. I asked Ross to make sure it was well insulated. There’s a solar panel up top to give ye light whenever ye need it.”

Claire stared at him. Jamie’s ruddy brows drew together.

“Will it not work Claire? Perhaps another space would-”

“No!” she exclaimed, placing a protective hand on the surface that would become the examination table. “No Jamie, it’s perfect. Truly.”

Jamie’s shoulders relaxed at this.

“It…” Claire paused, looking up at him. “I don’t know how to thank you. You.. everyone.. has been so kind.”

Jamie nodded, moving closer as she processed what she was going to say. She felt exposed and vulnerable… and yet, perfectly safe with him. Jamie Fraser knew her on a level no one else had ever had and she knew he would give her all the time she needed. The thought sped up her heart, her pulse racing strong and sure through her body as he leaned closer. He put a hand over hers and squeezed lightly, causing her to look up at him from under her eye lashes.

Blue, slanted eyes gazed back at her, fathomless and open as she’d ever seen them. She could feel his own pulse in her hand, racing along with hers as he chose whatever words he was about to say. He stood tall in front of her and took a shaky breath. Claire met his eyes and, for the first time in a long while, was ready and willing to be a part of whatever it was he was about to offer.

“Claire..” he started.


Claire jumped, pulling her hand out from under Jamie’s as a young boy flew into the room. He had bright blue eyes and wild, curly hair. He was also drenched from the rain and slipping on the freshly washed floor in his haste.

“Fergus, calmez-vous lad,” Jamie admonished as he grabbed the young man by the shoulders to steady him.

“Kincaid and I have just returned from Leoch,” Fergus reported in a heavy French accent.

Claire saw that he was breathing fast, muscles taut like a bow string. Jamie noticed too and started to tense himself.

“What’s amiss then?” he asked.

“It’s your uncle, Milord. He’s coming.”

London in 1965 photographed by Philippe Le Tellier.
Op Art Make-Up In London. In London,the model Kari-Ann with her eyes surrounded by a make up ‘Op Art’ wearing a raincoat on a waxed neck dress rolled reason 'Op Art’, a cap and boots, walking among bandwidths .Paris Match Magazine, London, October 26, 1965


Brett  x Talbot!Reader

~ Part 1

Word count: 1 549

A/N: Second part of an lovely idea from @lazyneonmonster.


You were head deep in one of the drawers, shuffling among the twin’s clothes for their pair of waterproof coated trousers. As usual you were late with packing for play dates. 

Brett leaned against the door frame and pushed the door open completely, but it didn’t earn your attention. “Shouldn’t Malia be here any minute now?” he asked sweetly and you snap up to turn your head to the clock that hang above the dresser, winced when you saw the time. 

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shyjimins  asked:


a hint of magick

jikook | rating: t | request | 2.5k | ao3

Jimin wonders who thought it was a good idea to teach Taehyung how to make potions. Especially potions that messed with people’s emotions.

a/n: idk how this turned out because i don’t usually write fantasy au’s from scratch, but i hope you enjoy it!! :3

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resurrectionofdawn  asked:

Clint/rescuer prompt: Clint growled lightly “Not that I don't mind giving a good show once in a while, but doesn't this violate I don't know, some kind of doctors' ethics or something? Or don't I rate pants?” His rescuer/jailer laughed over the small fire in the corner of the cavern that they hid in. “You've only been fully awake for less than thirty minutes and what has you worried is not having pants?” “Hey I know where my priorities are."

run the world (girls), clint/darcy

Now on AO3. (if you can, please leave a review. It means a lot to me.)

AKA the one where the Avengers are all women, and I don’t mean gender-swap (inspired by this post)

Okay, I’m sorry this took so long. The muse started out on fire but left me high and dry by the end. Also I had to tweak the dialogue a little to make it fit. :)

Darcy fiddled with her bracelet for at least the sixth time, only to be rebuked by a stern voice in her ear.

“Darcy, you need to relax.”

She huffed and rolled her eyes in response. “I’m trying, Maria. This isn’t really my element, you know. I’m much more comfortable stealing things out from under someone in the board room. Except, you know, not literally.”

Another voice chimed in to reassure her. “Which you do very well, Darcy.”

Darcy rolled her eyes fondly. “Thanks, Pepper. Is everyone listening to me suck at this undercover thing right now?”

There was a long pause. With a sigh, Darcy eyed a nearby waiter who was passing out champagne glasses. She flagged him down and huffed, “I guess that’s a yes.”

“You’ll be fine, milaya,” the Black Widow purred in her ear. “Do you remember what your target will be wearing?”

Darcy accepted the glass from the waiter with a charming smile. She took a tiny sip of the champagne. Hiding her mouth behind the slim glass, she responded, “Yeah, he’ll be the guy in a purple suit. Seems a little ridiculous to me, but at least he should stand out.”

One of the Avengers—probably Peggy—started to admonish her for not taking the op seriously when a voice behind Darcy exclaimed, “Excuse me! Are you Darcy Lewis?”

The chatter from the comm abruptly ceased. Darcy turned slowly, hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t the guy in the purple suit. That greeting couldn’t even pretend to be in the same realm as subtle, much less stealthy. She caught sight of him, and—yeah, hopefully the nation’s security was not in the hands of this lost little puppy. He was cute, in a little kid sort of way. And luckily for her, not wearing a purple suit.

Which meant she had no time to talk to him about his superhero crushes. She asked coolly, “Can I help you?”

The young man—surely he wasn’t even eighteen—practically vibrated with excitement. “You’re Darcy Lewis, right?” Without waiting for her to respond, he gushed, “You work with the Avengers! Black Widow and Captain America, and—”

Darcy cut him off sharply, lowering her voice and enunciating clearly. “Look, kid. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m Vice President of Potts Industries, not a superhero.”

He nodded conspiratorially and winked. “Right. By day, you’re VP of Potts Industries, right-hand woman—” he snorted at his own joke, “—to Pepper Potts, who’s only the leader of the greatest superhero team on Earth.”

Darcy’s comm crackled to life. “I like him,” Pepper cooed, laughing under her breath.

Simultaneously, Peggy grumbled, “We’re co-leaders, thank you very much.”

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Preparation Master Post

What’s this? Finally she writes the first of her interrailing master posts? Surely not.

Amazingly you are reading this right, and I have finally managed to get myself into gear and write one of these. In this I’ll probably just give you a little list of things that may help you on your journey. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. A guidebook. I can’t stress enough how much having a guidebook helped us whilst we were travelling - I bought the Lonely Planet guide to Europe on a shoestring. It was perfect for what we were doing, and it had information on pretty much everything you could want, plus tips on the public transport in each country. It has recommendations for places to eat/stay/be a tourist in each main city in Europe (it seems) - the only bad thing is that the section on England is massive, but it’s worth carrying around that extra seventy pages for the other sections. 

 2. Toilet wipes. Like seriously, you need toilet wipes. The ones that you use to wipe toilet seats with, because trust me - you don’t want to be going near the seat of about 90% of train toilets, and public toilets in a lot of Eastern Europe can be pretty grimy. It’s also worth taking baby wipes to wipe yourself with, because a few countries (Greece especially) public toilets don’t provide toilet paper. Or soap, or anything to dry your hands with, so hand sanitiser is also an essential. 

 3. A notebook. If you have a set route this notebook will become your life. It’ll probably also save your life at some point, definitely if you’re travelling with no set routine or limit. It seems pretty obvious, but you’ll want to have a list of emergency numbers, maybe your parents numbers, addresses and numbers of hostels in different cities, maybe some train information. You’ll also want to keep a copy of your passport in here, as well as copies of any flight confirmations you might have. 

 4. A bumbag/fanny pack/money belt. Pick pocketing is one of the things you get warned about, but you don’t really believe that it actually happens until you see it happen in front of you. It’s not a huge risk in places like Scandinavia, Germany, France, Spain etc, but in places like Italy (the tourist areas like Naples and Rome), Greece and Eastern Europe you’ll want to have your valuables in a place where someone would have to be very brave to go for - ie your crotch. 

 5. A windproof and waterproof coat. I took my big winter coat with me as well as a big jumper, because we started in Sweden (which is freezing in April), whilst Teddy took his relatively thin waterproof that was also really windproof - he stayed warm and dry, and could easily fit his coat in his bag. I got cold because the wind cut through my coat, and I then had to carry said coat for ¾ of the journey. Enough said.

 6. Thermals. Because at one point, no matter how well you plan, you will end up stuck on a platform in the early hours of the morning, the waiting rooms will literally be packed full of homeless people and you won’t be able to get in, and you’ll be cold if you’ve just brought your nice little summer clothes. Same goes for a jumper, take at least one warm jumper. 

 7. A pack of cards. Not only will these help to pass the time on those long, long train journeys, but they’ll also help break the ice with roommates in hostels. Plus you’ll be able to bring out the cards at social gatherings when you’re home and use them as a conversation starter about your amazing times travelling.

8. A travel towel. Because normal-sized towels will take up about a quarter of your bag, will take hours to dry, and will therefore become constantly damp and smelly, and no one wants to have their first shower for five days and have to dry themselves with a mildly mouldy towel. Size-wise, the same goes for things like sleeping bags and pillows - thinner sleeping bags are fine unless you’re camping, and a standard travel pillow is enough.

9. An open mind. It may sound cliched, but you’re going to meet a lot of people - most of them will be great, some will be weird, some will be wonderful, and some will just be really annoying. You’ll be sleeping in dorms with completely new people, so having a relaxed outlook is so important - unless they’re constantly making noise/turning the light on in the early hours of the morning, then you can gently yet firmly put your foot down. On that note, a few earplugs never went amiss.

10. A decent pair of shoes. When you go travelling, try and limit your shoe choices to an absolute maximum of three - one sensible, tough and comfortable pair, one nice pair for those nights out, and one pair of cheap plastic flip-flops. I took one pair of decent shoes and one pair of cheap flip-flops, so my feet were always comfy, but I did come home with trainer tan lines and awkward pictures of me in a dress with chunky Nikes on. Teddy I think brought four pairs, though one of them did go mouldy.

 Another thing to remember in general is to keep plastic water bottles and refill them (in places like eastern Europe and Greece just buy fresh bottled water all the time, don’t even risk water out of the tap - food poisoning is like death), always take two bottles of water with you every day - water is more important to survival and enjoying yourself than food. Saying that, always remember that supermarkets exist and are much cheaper than getting food or snacks anywhere else.

Right, I’m so sorry that this took so long to get into action; by now a lot of you have probably started your own journeys! I am putting others together (hostel posts, sightseeing posts), so hopefully there won’t be another dark period.

Until next time!


I’m back from Desucon and come bearing some leftovers!

Here’s what’s still available (UPDATED 25/06):

Amnesia art zine “A sin for him” (32 pages, full colour, with my watercolour artwork, sketches and a comic) with GOODIES: an exclusive A5-size print + one randomly selected original mini artwork
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Daniel coasters (washable, with waterproof coating on top)
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Daniel clear acrylic charms (5cm / 2 inches in diameter)
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Postage is 2€ for all orders, I will ship anywhere in the world! Payment via PayPal (or tilisiirto within Finland).

Send me an ask or email me at lindanordberg88@gmail.com if you wanna buy something. And remember, once the goodies are gone, they gone for good, so grab ‘em while you can!

On June 17th 1823 Charles Macintosh patented the waterproof cloth he was using to make raincoats.

Mackintosh rubberized coats were not immediately successful. Although they were waterproof, they had a strong smell which most wearers found unpleasant. It was not until a fellow chemist, Thomas Hancock, invented a process involving vulcanized rubber that the problem was solved. Hancock became a partner in Macintosh’s business in 1834. This marked the real start of the iconic Mackintosh brand.

In 1824 an Arctic exploration team trialed rubber coated waterproof canvas bags, air-beds and pillows made by the Macintosh patented process. In 1841 the British army ordered waterproof clothing for all its troops. The rubberized coats and capes were functional and hard wearing and they soon became standard army issue.

After the death of Charles Macintosh in 1843, the company had a period of decline. But in 1851 the Mackintosh coat was shown at The Grand Exhibition at Crystal Palace, London. And the rest is history.

ree-fireparrot  asked:

What kind of life might evolve in a region where there is a constant, magically-induced mist/fog but no other precipitation? I mean there's sunlight but it's scattered and dimmed by the mist, and I don't know how much water fog provides. Another supernatural atmosphere I'm curious about is that there is no visible sun but somehow things are visible during the day as if in sunlight and the atmosphere is warm as if heated by the sun.

Well, fog and mist ARE water, so I’m not really sure how big of a difference this would make? Furred animals may have thicker waterproof coats and plants may be more porous to let excess water escape. I would be more concerned about your geography without precipitation. Rain and snow have a profound impact on how the ground is shaped and moved, so I don’t know how that would look, because there’s no where like that here. :/

There is always dew if the temperature gets low enough and could maybe clear the mists/fogs for a while, but mist and fog generally also correlate with cooler temperatures so your animals and plants may have some cold weather adaptations. Your trees would be taller to reach over the mists and get to the sun, there would be less low flora since it wouldn’t get sun because of the trees and the mist blocking the light. Animals would possibly be larger and furrier. Etc, etc.

I hope this helps! Good luck!
-Mod Fluke

General Tips for Starting University

1) Have a decent bag/rucksack for carrying stuff in, especially if you’re taking a course with lots of contact hours. If you have a long way to walk, it might be worth investing in a ‘dry bag’ (used for hiking and stuff) so if it rains your notes will still be dry. A plastic carrier bag or bin bag might work too. Always check the weather before you leave and prepare for rain.

2) Invest in some sensible sturdy shoes (especially if you have to walk far!) It will make life so much easier. A good waterproof coat is also useful in the rain. Or an umbrella. 

3) If you can get a group together to do online shopping it might save you a long walk to the supermarket with heavy bags. You’ll probably not be able to do one by yourself because of minimum spend. 

4) Supermarkets actually have some nice inexpensive stationery. 

5) Earplugs can be useful (if you can sleep in them) especially in halls of residence because it gets very noisy sometimes. 

6) If you’re sharing a shower you might want to use flip flops. 

7) If you’re in catered halls, still bring a minimal cutlery/maybe a mug and a plastic plate just in case you miss a meal and so you can make tea/coffee. 

8) Speaking of tea/coffee, invest in a travel mug or flask. It’ll save you loads of money if you bring your own hot drinks. 

9) Take your keys with you if you leave your room. You don’t want to lock yourself out. 

10) If you’re in a ground floor room, make sure you close your windows when you go out and it might be worth making sure your laptop is out of view (just in case). 

11) If you can, plan your meals to avoid buying stuff you don’t need. 

12) I liked to have warm colours for my bedding because often halls have light walls which is kinda cold. It can get cold in halls too, especially in the first few nights so it might be nice to have a jumper or extra blanket. 

13) If you’re into clubs and stuff, see if you can get advice from older students on which taxi companies have a good reputation. Also try and stick with other people in your flat/halls so you don’t have to be alone at night in an unfamiliar place. Try not to walk home alone. 

14) You’ll want plasters and cold and flu medicine. Freshers flu is real and plasters are really really handy.

15) If you’re moving far from home make sure you register with a Doctor because you never know when you might need one. 

16) Don’t skip your subject orientated introduction lectures (often not covering any material) if possible because it’s a good chance to meet people on your course and get information on module selection and the library etc. 

17) The fire alarm will go off. Have slippers and a dressing gown/jumper ready. Don’t do a me and panic and rush outside with no socks/shoes or jumper in October and freeze. 

18) Check out the societies, but don’t pay for membership straight away. Go to the taster sessions and see if you like it first. Usually you can join the mailing list for free for a few weeks.

19) You’ll probably be tired for the first few weeks so it’s okay to have a nap during the day if you think it’ll make you feel better. 

20) Only buy gym membership if you need it for sports or you know you’re going to use it. It’s usually a lump sum and that shit is expensive. 

21) It’s okay to go home. It’s doesn’t mean you’ve failed at independence or whatever. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the university bubble and to recharge from what can be a hectic lifestyle.

22) Clubs have horrible sticky floors so if you’re into that then get some cheap shoes because they will get ruined. 

23) If you’re allowed an extension cable then bring one because sometimes the plug sockets are in awkward places in halls. 

24) A doorstop is usually a good idea because the doors in halls are usually big and heavy and sometimes you’ll want your door open to show you’re free if anyone wants to hang out. 

25) Finally, don’t be forced into doing anything you don’t want to do. Try and be yourself. I know it’s hard but you don’t have to change yourself or your morals and values for anybody else.

Rain {Kim Minseok}

Note: So, I tried to write something that isn’t gender specific (and it proved much harder than I anticipated) so I’m sorry if this doesn’t really make sense in some areas though I did try my best. I do accept constructive criticism, so if you have anything then I’m always open for that :) Also, I currently have no requests, so if you have any ideas then inbox me and I’ll try my best to aid any of your fangirling needs! As always, thank you for reading and enjoy~ Mimei 

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the gifs/images used.

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{y/n} gazed at the window as they sat in the foyer, watching as raindrops slid down the glass from the darker outside. It was beautiful in a miserable way, the sky was dark and gloomy with overcast graying clouds with the threat of thunder, but on the pavement the drops of water danced as they patterned the ground.

“Are you ready to go?”

{y/n} looked around to put a face to the voice they had just heard.

{y/n} could have sworn that their heart missed a beat or two, but didn’t think too much of it now their mind was racing and body was enduring a rush of nerves. Damit Minseok… {y/n} thought, but no negativity could be put behind those words, not when {y/n}’s feelings were so strong for who was supposed to be their best friend.

“Now? But it’s raining… Shouldn’t we wait until it stops?”

“Look at you being all mature, that’s my job, I’m the oldest.” Minseok grinned, and {y/n} could have sworn their heart was going to explode. {y/n} was pretty sure they understood the feeling of any Minseok fan on the planet because of their school boy like crush that they was less than willing to admit. “You’re relatable in all the weird ways” Baekhyun had teased {y/n} after they had opened up about their thoughts, which they decided never to do again.

“Well you don’t act it, and someone needs to.” {y/n} teased in return, though Minseok simply laughed as he zipped up his waterproof coat.

“Come on, {y/n}, it’s just a bit of water.”

“But we’ll get a cold and-”

“I don’t need to come over there and dress you myself, do I?”

Minseok gave them a look, sort of smirking and joking at the same time. Whatever it was, it was making {y/n}’s head twist with thoughts that were taking a lustful turn.{y/n}  had to remind themself to stop and breathe now their cheeks were beginning to burn.

“Fine, you win”

Minseok always wins.

The silence between the two was interrupted by the trailing of zips and the beats of raindrops battering the windows. Once they were both ready to step forth into the crystalised mess, they exchanged smiles before making their way to the exit door.

“Are you ready, we need to run.” Minseok had a mischievous look in his eye, one you might see on a child up to no good.

{y/n} rolled their eyes, {y/n} would like to think that they couldn’t believe they was doing something so stupid, but they could believe it, because Minseok was involved.

“I’m ready.” {y/n} confirmed.

Then the door opened, and they both sprinted.

The puddles splashed underneath every step their sprints took, splashing the pools of water on the bottoms of their trousers and soaking the souls of their shoes. The rain falling hit their heads, smudging whatever makeup that was applied to their faces.

“Remind me to never go along with crazy ideas ever again!” {y/n} called to their best friend, their voice just about rising over the loud weather.

Minseok laughed, it was loud and undone. He turned to grin at {y/n}, his pearly whites showing.

“But you love it. You love me.” He called back, tone teasing, but {y/n}’s heart skipped a beat as if Minseok was reading their mind. {y/n} did love him.

“Maybe when I’m not soaking wet!”

Minseok stopped.

He stopped in the middle of the pavement, and {y/n} nearly tripped over their own feet as they sped to a stop. {y/n} turned back to look at Minseok who was still ginning.

“Please, don’t talk as if you weren’t already soaked through before we came out here.”

{y/n} blushed visibly, cheeks reddening to a blood stain colour as Minseok made his way over, his arms snaking around {y/n}’s neck.

Then he kissed {y/n}.

Actually kissed {y/n}.

It was messy. Full of short breaths and pecks filling each other’s lips. A beautiful mess.

When they pulled away, they were both breathless.

“This is why the rain is my favorite.” Minseok commented, grinning.

“Because it’s the only way you’ll ever get me wet?” {y/n} challenged, teasing as Minseok laughed.

“Trust me, if I wanted to get you wet. I could. Maybe we should could go back to mine and I can show you just how well I can prove myself.”

“Sounds like a plan”

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My eyelashes don’t like to stay up after I curl and apply mascara.. any ideas?

Curled and fluttery lashes are some of my favourite, they look pretty, soft and delicate but sometimes a little more work than just applying a coat or two of mascara is needed for the best results.

The curling:

A good eyelash curler is essential, this doesn’t mean an expensive lash curler from a cult brand like Shu Uemura, but it means that a $1 one usually won’t cut it. To use an eyelash curler start with clean lashes, hold it at the base of your lashes and squeeze for a few seconds, then walk it out to the middle of your lashes squeeze and then to the very tips of the lashes and squeeze again,  you can also repeat the step but only use your lash curler before mascara, using it after can damage your lashes. Using heat will also make the curl last longer, you can either opt for a heated eyelash curler (which can be used before and after mascara) or heat your eyelash curler under a medium heat (just make sure you test it on the back of your hand first to ensure it is not too hot) for a more effective, long-lasting curl. (Full tutorial on how to curl your lashes)

The primer:

A lash primer will help to make your mascara last longer and will give more length and curl to your lashes which is a huge benefit. I like the Lancome CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base

The mascara:

This is one of the most important steps and an important key when you want to hold a curl on your lashes: use a waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascaras generally hold curl better as it isn’t as easily disrupted by any water from your eyes as a normal mascara. I love Benefit They’re Real Mascara (it’s super long-wearing and has waterproof properties) If you find waterproof mascara irritates your eyes try applying a regular coat of mascara first and then a waterproof coat, this way the waterproof version will grab to your regular mascara and not your lashes. For a more affordable version I love the *Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara, which also has a curved brush helping you pick up every lash.

The application:

Make sure you wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes to give them the most lift and curl possible, you can also “hold” the wand at the tips of your lashes whilst the mascara is setting to give them some extra curl.

I’ve also created another tutorial on how to prime and get the most out of your natural lashes.

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firethesound  asked:

HP spells ask: Aguamenti, Impervius, Tarantallegra


Aguamenti: Do you like water? Definitely yes. More than most people I think? Drink 2-4 liters of it a day + love a bath and swimming and the ocean and creeks and waterfalls and all of that. Love and adore.

Impervius : In the middle of a storm would you rather have waterproof shoes, or a waterproof coat? Shoes, no question, hands down. Wet feet are miserable.

Tarantallegra: What’s your favorite kind of dance? The tipsy silly kitchen kind, or occasionally some very mediocre swing dancing.


Stutterheim AW16 Lookbook

Strong imagery comprising Stutterheim’s latest lookbook, portraying the new models in their AW16 collection. Besides the trademark rubberised jackets in short and long versions, the brand delivers new iterations now resorting to cotton. A strong selection of pieces in vibrant hues, perfect to cheer up any rainy day, with my personal favourite being the petrol blue.

Dishonored: Bone & Steel

The first actionable issue was the Overseers.

The High Overseer had been executed in her foyer, and so it was to no one’s surprise that the man who came to examine Dunwall Tower’s chapel was masked and nervous. Emily Kaldwin would have preferred to have presented herself as roughly the same, but she was expected to remain poised now more than ever, and her blood-and-sweat-sodden handkerchief was in a damp pile in her reclaimed safe room.

“Disgusting,” the Overseer muttered as he folded his arms in the doorway and looked up at what was left of Delilah’s workshop. The strange, dark tree had withered. Paint stains had sunken into the teak. The detritus of Delilah’s crafting was strewn about in leafy piles.

“You’ll clean it up?” she said. She had crafted a corrupted bone charm over there, where the disgust had mixed not with righteous disdain but with storybook curiosity. Empress Emily Kaldwin had killed a usurper in these halls.

“Yes.” She could hear the Overseer’s lip curl even under the mask. “We’ll burn some of it out. Don’t be surprised if you smell something … odd.” 

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