waterproof boot

Not Worth Getting Dressed

There is little left of these shoes,
the tap of brass tacks both rhythm
and the naked dance, cold enough for
medicine, but not enough to deal with pants.

ROI is nice, but dressing moots the deal.

Labor never made me sweat, but boots,
however waterproof, whether in a desert,
will always leave my toesies wet.

- B B Pine


I had showered that morning. I’d put on a raincoat, waterproof trousers and Wellington boots before I came out for my autumn walk. They wouldn’t really keep me warm—I had another pair of trousers and a thick jumper for that. They would keep me clean.

And yet, here I was, staring at a giant puddle on the unpaved path ahead of me. I imagined the splash with which my boots would land in it, the moment of resistance before my feet sank into the mud, the brown spatters on my clothes. I would feel like I was flying, like I was five years old again; could almost hear myself laughing out loud.

But I also knew I would regret it, that somehow the sludge would find its way through my protective layers, that I would curse as I scraped it off the fabric and my skin.

In the puddle, my reflection raised its eyebrows, and I knew it was right. I jumped.

London in 1965 photographed by Philippe Le Tellier.
Op Art Make-Up In London. In London,the model Kari-Ann with her eyes surrounded by a make up ‘Op Art’ wearing a raincoat on a waxed neck dress rolled reason 'Op Art’, a cap and boots, walking among bandwidths .Paris Match Magazine, London, October 26, 1965