firstly, can i just say thank you so so so much to every single one of you lovelies who reblogged the post, i was so overwhelmed by your support *hugs you*! also, each blog that i clicked was just so incredible it was one of the hardest decisions ever to pick my faves, so please please please don’t be disheartened if you were not picked, i still love you!

you can see shortlist of 30 blog h e r e 

here are my beautiful runners up:

 ♛ http://cc-rave.tumblr.com/   

 ♛ http://cremxe.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://peoniste.tumblr.com/ 

now here are my faves (asdfghjkl) :

 ♛ http://chlorist.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://coutton.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://freaki.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://freshust.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://fruityko.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://klushe.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://luschaze.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://luxengohld.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://tigriste.tumblr.com/  

 ♛ http://tihdal.tumblr.com/ 

 ♛ http://vibrantlux.tumblr.com/ 

 ♛ http://waterphalls.co.vu/ 

h e r e is the page, blog articles are coming soon :)

again, THANK YOU! xo