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A call for action!
This one is for all you BMXers, skaters, skiers, cave-divers, surfers (kiting or otherwise!), bungee jumpers, rock climbers, parkour fanatics, FMXers and BASE jumpers alike!

Inspired by Vietnam’s sand-boarders turned Asian Winter Games heroes, Warm Slidings, this Mission is all about showing just how extreme you can be!
Strap yourself in and capture the feeling of the G’s to be in with a chance of winning a Polaroid Waterproof Action Camera!

As the days get longer and we approach another sliding season, I’ve gotten many emails and letters and summons asking me about my waterpark, and begging me not to re-open my waterpark, and etc.

And rather than respond to those all individually, as manners and the law require, I’d thought I’d instead use the venue of this list-based comedy website to address some of these questions and concerns, and even, if I might be so bold, apologize for some of the events that occurred at The Slick ‘n Sloppy Chris Bucholz Experience last year.

Hold on to something, kids …

Sorry, Nobody Told Me Owning My Own Waterpark Would Be Hard

Kiss the Girl (2/4)

Request:  could you write something like the avengers going on like a roadtrip to a waterpark and maybe bucky and the reader realize they have feelings for each other and theres tons of fluff?!

AN: I’m not sure if this counts as super fluffy, but I do like how it turned out.

Warnings: Likely bad language words. Water slides, maybe? Bucky’s a little shit.

Part 1

tags: @avengerofyourheart @kmwiinchester @bovaria @marvel-ash @romanovoff @just-a-multifangirl @time-to-dance-rey

By the time you stop at a gas station, the boys have heard every song released in the 1990s. You’d almost feel bad for them if it weren’t for the fact that you found it funny, even if Bucky spent most of the time grumbling in his seat. You stalk through the store right to the bathrooms behind Wanda and Nat. You pause in front of the mirror on your way out, smoothing out a bit of tangle the wind had done to your hair.

“He doesn’t care what you look like,” Wanda leans forward on the sink, checking her perfectly winged eyeliner. You roll your eyes and do the same.

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