Signs at the waterpark

Aries: BITCH IM NOT READY DONT U SPRAY ME *kung foo kicks 7 year old boy*

Taurus: fuck it I’m going on the 100 foot drop

Gemini: no I’m going with capricorn and you can’t sit with us 

Cancer: *shiver* sooo colddd

Leo: IM GOING IN * rips off shirt

Virgo: *is calculating all the waterslide plans*

Libra: *wears bikini and flirts*

Scorpio: *forgets eyeliner is on and turns into a panda* guys I’m gonna eat your souls 

Sagittarius: WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Capricorn: but i don’t WANNAAAAA

Aquarius: *is wearing a feather boa* guys whats the wait come on lol

Pisces: *eating ice cream and goes on slide right after and almost pukes*

i like how people claim that my religion and culture are the ones that oppress me in the same breath as asking me if i’m hot or telling me i have to wear a bikini at a waterpark or else i’m not allowed -_-

i don’t walk around policing what other people wear but people have so many opinions about what i wear. i’m sorry, when did that become any of your business. and you know if instead i decided to walk around wearing nothing, then they’d have opinions too. oh ok, so don’t wear too little but also don’t wear too much. actually don’t wear anything i expressly don’t approve of.

So today at a water park panic at the disco played for a concert, the concert part was worth it the park part was hard cx I’m used to coming here as a kid but it was hotter and more difficult this time. Anyways here’s a little snippet of it

BY THE WAY I was feeling like a potato trash can for a while, sick to my stomach and just overall kind of bummed out.
I picked out a grassy spot to hang out in between two buildings and beside a lemonade stand, and about 5 people appeared out of nowhere walking around towards me from the back of the building.
And remember I was feeling pretty damn shitty and all of these people turned to tell me I was beautiful and honestly my entire mood changed and it meant a damn lot to me.
If they’d ever see this id say I’m hella thankful and it changed my entire day around.

I was the one with the blondish pink kinda fluffy hair, btw.