Rp for Watermonkey

Abby ran out into the snowy streets as her sister ran from her with her badge. The president panted for a moment, “MINA I NEED THAT.” Abby yelled and stopped for a moment. “Oh whatever, she did say she needed it for something” The woman set a hand on her hip as the citizens looked at the president for a moment before continuing on their way. Abby laughed a little and turned around letting her shoes crunch in the snow. Looking at the clock, it wasn’t even anywhere near noon. She had woken up pretty early today, despite it being a very relaxed day. Nothing unusual had happened in terms of Lockwood. As she tightened her ponytail the demon started to walk along the streets. A walk would do her some good anyway. 

Along the way, the citizens greeted her, like any other person. Buddies, friends, and the likewise. Abby was happy to see the citizens of lockwood got along, and if they didn’t they tolerated each other to not care. It was a lot better place to live then Earth had been before it was destroyed. Now with all the other Earth dimensions, even there, it wasn’t like with Lockwood with a variety of creatures getting along, not just humans. Abby stopped at the large river separating the first sector to the second. Leaning on the railing she looked at the water with a smile.  

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.  ☽☾ “More goddamn ants crawlin’ around? Fuckin’ dandy. Take yer pathetic asses somewhere else.”

Hitsugaya Toshiro, Tenth division captain of the Gotei thirteen, had been dispatched to secure an overlooked area from the typical threat of hollows, that was his current mission. He leaned near a fence on a quite roadside path, checking his cell phone and hollow locator, so far no sign of trouble, boredom was close to setting in but he remained focused until he sensed someone watching him. His serious turquoise gaze rose and set upon the nearby figure. It was a female who seemed intent on keeping a steady look locked onto him, what did she want or expect of him, he wondered. Why couldn’t people mind their own business, if this kept up he’d have to find a different place to stay on guard. Losing his focus for the time being he figured he’d confront her.

“Identify yourself and your intentions.” He stated without hesitation.