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Can you tell us a bed time story?

Once upon a time there was a fairly young man, who happened to be black. He was pretty lonely until he me this lad. He was in a predicament where he knew what he wanted to do but he didn’t have the motivation, nor the skill to chase his dream. Or so he thought. The young fellow’s dream was to be a watermelon farmer. He knew there was really no profit in the business, but watermelon was just something he was something he loved oh so much. All his life he thought that we would love nothing more than he loved watermelon. He loved it so much he even got a tattoo of one! Over the course of three years, though he did not realize, he grew to love the lovely lady more than anything in the world. More than koolaide (yes, even the grape flavored), fried chicken, and yes even more than watermelon! The wonder women pushed him to follow his dream! He quit culinary school just a year before graduation, to purse his dream. A few years pass. The now older man and his now wife are farmers of the most amazing and succulent watermelon in not just north America, but the entire world. People traveled far and wide just to visit their far. The couple are now much older, but far from old. I would say around their late thirties or early forties. The man goes to the doctor because he wasn’t feeling well. The doctor tells him, after many tests, that he has cancer. He went to the doctor alone that day. He didn’t tell the one person that he loved more than anything else that his life was coming to an end. The doctor had told him that he had a year to live. That last year he grew his business, then sold it for a large sum. He then took his love on the most marvelous vacation that one could dream of. And when they got back he had around a week to live. He harvested a watermelon from his own personal vine, the last one. And gave it to his love and explained the situation, they sat in silence, they cried, then more silence. Eventually they laugh, because they know that their love will be eternal. Even thought he was gonna die very soon she knew everything would be okay. He died the next Sunday, he requested a small service. And at the funeral she was given this story. Thought he was no author, she cherished the story as though it were a masterpiece.

Idk if it was very good, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Do not let the fact that this movie has a wicked lesbian sex scene fool you- this is literally one of the worst movies I have ever watched in my nineteen years of existence.

(*spoilers*) so basically this movie is made in a documentary style format about this girl trying to make a documentary about an actress known as The Watermelon Women. (A movie about making a movie. Yay.)

At the end of this movie, this stupid ass movie with zero character development or climax, you find out the Watermelon Women never existed- the main character made her up.

So you’re dragged through this ENTIRE movie just to find out you’ve been fucking lied to.

Not to mention this movie leads you to believe that it’s going to touch on feminist topics, but it doesn’t even scratch the surface.

I’d rather drink battery acid than sit through this movie again.