watermelon splash

The signs as ChapStick flavors
  • Aries: Classic orginal
  • Taurus: Classic Strawberry
  • Gemini: Watermelon Splash
  • Cancer: Pumpkin Pie
  • Leo: Mango Sunrise
  • Virgo: Classic Spearmint
  • Libra: Classic Cherry
  • Scorpio: Moisturizer Green Apple
  • Sagittarius: Cake Batter
  • Capricorn: Coconut Hydration
  • Aquarius: Lemon Berry Sorbet
  • Pisces: Candy Cane
Hogwarts Aesthetics For Summer

Gryffindor: fireworks; mountain climbing; watermelon; cold popsicles; splashing around at the beach; long bike rides in the country side; canoeing; scuba diving; paint-balling; concerts; sitting around a fire telling stories; road trips; outdoor parties; rope swings; loud music

Hufflepuff: picnics; lying in hamocs; walks on the beach; ice cream cones; picking flowers; nature hikes; balloons; face painting; sunflowers; baking; acoustic music; cotton candy; festivals; laughing with friends; pineapples; sun dresses; flip flops; playing acoustic guitar

Ravenclaw: snow cones; star-gazing; birdwatching; smoothies; cooking colorful dishes; movie marathons; reading while sitting outside; reorganizing bookshelves; shooting stars; iced tea; berries; sandcastles; fishing; breezy days; sun hats; floaties in a pool; swings; flower crowns; pool parties

Slytherin: horseback riding; tall glass of cool lemonade with a straw; swimming in a lake; apples; crickets chirping at night; naming constellations; walks in the forest; drying flowers; board games; close group of friends; staying up all night; watching the moon move across the sky; camping; parties at the peer; water balloon fights

Daddy? | Ashton Smut

Daddy? (Ashton Irwin Smut)
Writer: Me

“How deep is your love? Is it like the ocean?” You were listening to the radio on a hot summers day. Dancing away while making your famous Watermelon Splash.
You wore blue and white Tie Dye shorts, a plain white vest and your hair was up in a high pony tail.
You were now full out dancing, I mean big hand gestures and everything, to Sweet Lovin’ by Sigala. You were too engrossed in your dancing, you didn’t hear your Fiancé, Ashton, come home. “Your sweet sweet lovin won’t you put it on me?
Keep it coming cos you’re all that I need!” You shouted throughout the whole house.
You were humming the song when
“AARGH!” Ashton shouted from behind you. You screamed but started laughing.
“ASHTON DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!” You shouted. He just pulled you onto him and kissed you, sweetly.
“Aww, my baby girl got scared! She’s so cute when she’s flustered.” Ashton booped your nose while you blushed. He kissed you again but this time with more passion and lust. His hand made way down to your ass and he put his thick fingers in your back pocket. You pulled away, catching your breath.
Ashton picked you up bridal style and carried you upstairs, you felt like a princess. Daddy’s princess.
He dropped you on the bed and trapped you in between his arms. “Baby, I wanna try something different today. Not my usual sweet kisses, no. But dominant daddy Ashton.” He declared. That was enough to make you completely wet. You sat up, propped up against the bed frame. He kisses you whilst taking your vest off. To his surprise you didn’t have a bra on. “Bad girl. No bras? We were just waiting to get fucked by daddy?”
You whimpered, this wasn’t normal sweet Ashton, he had a newly found confidence and he wasn’t gonna lose it any time soon. “And bad girls get punished.” He growled. He reached toward the side table and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He cuffed you to the bed and worked his magic.
He started kneading your plump breasts. Harshly licking and sucking them.
“Oh baby, I love your plump, juicy breasts.”
He stared nipping at your collarbone. Sucking when he found your sweet spot, you made all kinds of forbidden moans. He started making a trail of hickeys from your collarbone to your stomach.
When he reached the waistband of your shorts he pulled them off, violently. All that confined Ashton from your dripping core was a thin piece of clothing.
“Okay baby. I know we don’t usually do this but we’re gonna try. I’m gonna make up three rules and if you break any of them, you’ll get punished.
1) no moaning unless if I say to
2) no cumming until I say so
3) Call me daddy”
You nodded while saying
“Okay daddy.”
“That’s a good girl!” Ashton praised you.
He made his way down to your core and ripped the cotton clothing off, surprised at how wet you were. “Look at my little princess, so wet for her daddy.”
He licked a clean strip up your clit, causing you all kinds of pleasure to run in your body
“Mmmm” you moan, causing Ashton to smirk. Now his tongue was going in and out of your hole, his pace fast.
You wasted to pull on Ashton’s hair, but the handcuffs were the only thing stopping you. “D-d-DADDY” you squirming under Ashton made him proud.
You squirted all over Ashton, tired already.
He fiddled with his metal belt, ridding the dark denim cloth which was confining his baby from him. He pulled his boxers off to reveal a rock hard, throbbing cock smeared with pre-cum. Flipping you over, he slapped your ass, making you hiss in pain. Smirking, Ashton returned to abusing your anus with smacks that make your skin tomato red.
“Now daddy’s gonna enter his big cock in his baby’s ass.“ He moaned.
He entered you with ease and pushed into you, every time with more force whispering euphonious phrases in your ear, soon enough you were squirting over his cock which released his hot seed into you.

Both of you were tired, he fell beside you and now you were just two naked, sweaty bodies worn out. You turned your head over to him, smiling. He gave you a tired smile and kept admiring you from afar.
He grabbed your soft hand and kissed it lightly, “I love you, (Y/N)”
You just held onto his hand tighter, your way of saying
‘I love you so much’