watermelon sherbet

fallinghowell  asked:

My favorite flavor of ice cream is watermelon it's rare to find but soo good

ooo i’ve only ever seen watermelon sherbet or frozen yogurt but never ice cream,, the ben n jerry’s near my house needs to step up its game

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cam’s doing blogrates!

My friend and i were walking at a church/thrift shop when a man came up to us and broke a piece of his face off, revealing a watermelon sherbet cake and then asked how ripe we thought it was. My friend then stepped up and said they were the world’s leading expert on the ripeness of watermelon sherbet and said it was a little under-ripe. She won a box of pretzels as an award and then the two hooked their noises to a smell machine that let them smell what the other smelt.

Creature of the Night (Gerard Way)

Coffee. Well the promise of coffee, was the only thing keeping Gerard awake as you poured each one of you a cup.
“Thanks.” Your husband mumbled, sleep still hazing his voice.
“You’re welcome.” You glanced at the stove clock, ‘5:07’ it read.
“Why are you up this early y/n?” Gerard asked the caffeine kicking in slowly.
“Never went to sleep.” You shrugged.
He kissed your lips worry crossing his face,
“You need to get more sleep babe.”
“And you need to go to work.” He groaned at the reminder.
Gerard pulled out his phone finding that despite after spending multiple hours in the studio working on his album you hadn’t returned a single one of his calls or texts.

A sense of panic set in as he drove his mind creating many worse case scenarios for the unanswered messages.

He checked each room calling your name and growing more worried with each unanswered call.
He finally got to the bedroom finding you wearing just your panties and one of his shirts curled on the bed sleeping rather soundly. He smiled at the rare sight kissing your temple before stripping down to his boxers crawling onto the bed and wrapping a blanket around the two of you before wrapping his arm around you kissing your temple exhausted from his early morning recording his solo album.

You awoke to an arm around you, it scared you but the panic was short lived once you realized it was Gerard who was asleep next to.
That was another downfall to insomnia, you seldom ever woke up wrapped in his arms as he was always out cold before you even thought about sleeping. You took the opportunity to just lie there enjoying the moment’s simplicity.

Eventually you felt Gerard begin to stir, releasing his hold on you to stretch his arms before reclaiming you with a grin,
“You look cute when you sleep in my clothes.” You blushed, you hadn’t intended to fall asleep (not that you were complaining).
“You just look cute in general.” It was his turn to blush a smile crossing his face.
“Nope, that’s your job.”
“Maybe we’re both cute then.” You shrugged.
“Maybe.” He smiled pulling you closer to his chest pressing a assorted kisses to your forehead.
“We need to do this more often.” You nodded your agreement, it was a simple luxury insomnia had robbed you of.
“I love you creature of the night.” Gerard smiled kissing your cheek,
“I love you too.”
The comfortable silence set in the two of you just happy to taking time to remember every little detail of each other, no matter how long you were married there was always something new to notice.
“Do you think our kids will sleep like you?” Gerard asked pulling the question from thin air.
“I hope not. That would be one whiny baby. Maybe they’ll sleep like you. Cute and soundly.” Gerard shook his head but kissed you anyways.
“They’ll be cute anyways, you’d be their mom.” The smiles were mutual as you both spent the whole evening just talking about whatever came to mind.

A/N: it’s kind of short but I like it. I don’t know. It’s something at least.