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Emoji Asks ✨

I like some of the redesigned emojis, so decided to make one of these~ if you want, please send me some! 

🦊 - do you have a central truth or philosophy you try to live by? 

💃 - do you like to dance, or be active?

🥀 - what do you believe about love?

🍁 - what is your favorite season?

🌋 - are you the kind to suppress emotions, then have them boil over?

🔥 - what makes you passionate?

☄️ - how do you think the world will end?

🏵 - do you doodle designs on your things or skin?

🍉 - have you ever spit watermelon seeds at somebody?

💐 - do you try to ‘stop and smell the roses’?

🌓 - do you believe everybody has duality in their personality?

⚜️ - what would make the perfect day for you?

🤞 - do you have people that you’re close with?

🐉 - do you believe in astrology? If so, what does your sign say about you?

❄️ - if you could have powers over any element, which would it be?

💎 - what do you value? (maybe physical things, emotional things)

🦋 - if you could fly, where would you go?

🌊 - do you enjoy art? If so, what kind?

🌌 - if given the choice, would you go to live on Mars, or travel the universe?

🕊 - are you inclined to forgive people?

Flag Girl

The morning of the Bernie Sanders rally, I waited
in the rain, the dew coating my sore legs, wind
running between my toes. When the doors finally
opened, I tried to fill the cracks between the crowd,
wanting to get closer– wanting to see my future.

There, from the back, I saw
a sea of scattered grits, the crowd peppered
with points of black and brown light. Children
darted past my feet, weaving butterfly patterns
in the air. A veteran in a wheelchair pushed
toward the front.

And then I saw you, shrouded in evergreen,
wedding white, and Dahlia red– as small
as a watermelon seed– and as large
as Rainbow Warrior, Seejiq with different skin. 

How long did your Abuela spend
sewing that flag? How many stitches
did your parents carry along the border, fingers running
across the spine of the world?

When you were born, did your grandfather’s hands
pinch the corners together, folding it around
your faint body like Supergirl’s cape? 

I wanted to hold you then, wrap my island arms
around you like moss on stone, tell you
we’d all be okay. I wanted 
to be you, wearing a thousand-stitched belt 
like threaded warpaint, ready
to tear down walls. 

you ate butterflies for breakfast because you said you wanted to know what my anxiety felt like and i told you that i didn’t want sympathy, i wanted to be able to throw up the wings. you said maybe i had flowers growing in my stomach and that i should be happy that at least the bees hadn’t stung their way through my skin. you convinced me that my veins were laced with pollen and that sometimes blooming had to be painful because you were breaking your roots. you told me about how you swallowed one too many watermelon seeds when you were a kid and you didn’t spit out the sunflower seeds and you were always worried that the neighborhood birds would end up trying to peck you to death. there’s no vines growing in your stomach now but that’s never stopped you from talking to pigeons like you’re speaking a secret language. i think we both have a fascination with wings and sometimes at night i touch your shoulder blades and tell you that yours would have been the color of ivory with green tips and dots in the dead center that are as black as bird’s eyes. we turn it into a game. some days mine are lighter than lavender, throbbing and pulsing with a cotton candy pink. other days they’re a dark blue, clouding up with grey around the edges. yours always stay consistent, ivory, laced in gold.


We know we were late getting the seeds in this year, but the weather has been so weird it probably doesn’t matter anyway.  After a really mild winter spring has definitely not sprung!!  The last few days it has been between 0-10 degrees C, not what you expect when it’s nearly May.  Two days this week we had snow/sleet and hailstones!  However, after all that, some of our  seedlings are starting to show themselves. The water melons are up (Yes they are watermelons this year, not mis-labelled cucumbers like last year!) The cucumbers and tomatoes are also well on their way.  One lot of beans seem to be doing pretty well, just not so sure about the runner beans.  We shall see.

I use never swallow watermelon seeds when I was little

My friend told me watermelon would grew in my stomach like I would be pregnant with one

Don’t laugh

anonymous asked:

Hi Darwin! I'm a 12 month old cockatiel who hates fresh veggies and fruits! My mom knows it's not healthy if I'm on a seed only diet but I refuse to eat any veggies or fruits appropriate for birds. My mom has tried putting them in my seed bowl, but I don't eat them and she ends up having to take them out before they spoil. She also tried putting them on the base of my play perch or offering them to me from her, but I avoid them on the perch and won't take them from her. Advice for picky eaters?

This is for your mom: Try lots and lots and LOTS of different veggies and fruits, especially ones with seeds within them/visible (e.g. watermelon, pumpkin with the seeds, strawberries, blackberries, sliced kiwi, blueberries cut in half, cooked corn kernels, cantaloupe…) Try only 1 or 2 at a time (per day). Put them in a separate bowl in my cage, not right on top of my seeds. Make them look fun and different and special. Stick them on a kebab or hang them from the top of my cage or near my favorite toys. (Looks like you already know this, but don’t leave them in for longer than a day! Don’t let your bird be around spoiling food.)

It’ll take a while to get your birdy buddy to eat fresh stuff, but keep doing it even if it seems pointless. If you continually offer different things, eventually, your bird will try something. Keep a close eye and see what he/she likes.

Also–try to add some pellets into your cockatiel’s seed mix. There’s a big debate over the whole seeds vs. pellets issue, so I just eat a mix of both.

okay so i dont post about vore often bc i dont like it too much but hear me out

Imagine a giant creature who digests solely through plants. As in they chew up food and swallow it and little plants that live in their stomach turn the food into energy for them. And if food is too big, then the plants can’t eat it which would mean that prey would be safe as long as they weren’t ridiculously tiny.

Even better, imagine if the plants glowed and came in a variety. Nervous prey would have a little glowy garden all around them that couldn’t hurt them at all to calm their nerves. Maybe animals could even live in there too, like parasites that don’t really do enough damage to be considered a problem. So instead of stressing out about being eaten, the prey could just hang out in glowy stomach trees and cuddle with little stomach bunnies.