watermelon lipstick

The origin of love (is you)

for days 7 & 8 of eijiroctober: with ashido, with kaminari. 

Ashido’s “wild, fun, time-of-their-lives cryptid hunting slash get Kirishima to confess to Bakugou” road trip is shaping up to be exactly that – as soon as Kirishima can figure out how to be Bakugou’s gay awakening.

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“Ohh, this is gonna be so awesome!” Ashido exclaims through an ecstatic grin. Her bouncing can be felt throughout the entire vehicle and the window’s rolled down so she can periodically stick her head out, inhaling the fresh valley air and gazing at the miles and miles and miles of nearly identical forest scenery – somehow she never grows bored of it.

Her trusty camera is suspended around her neck, ready to snap at any suspicious looking animal, plant, or light in the sky, though she doesn’t expect to until tomorrow. Their destination is a prime cryptid sighting area, which she’s spent her entire life dreaming of visiting. To help her is a carefully selected group of individuals: Yaoyorozu, her girlfriend and greatest supporter, skilled in all things involving logistics and survival, so she’s sure to save their lives at least once before they’re safely back home; Sero, in charge of managing their provisions (food, gasoline, money), as well as being the only person Ashido’s knows with a valid driver’s permit; Kaminari, her partner in crime in all things reckless and fun, an absolute must if they’re going to have the time of their lives; Bakugou, the designated hiking expert that’ll guide them through the wilderness where a cryptid is absolutely hiding; and Kirishima, so Bakugou would agree to come in the first place, and also because Kirishima’s an excellent source of moral support and keeps the crew passionate about the cause (and because Ashido’s totally working on hooking him up with Bakugou during this trip – her noble subgoal, which must also be accomplished at all costs).

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Coppery-Bronze Eyes and Coral Pink “Watermelon” Lips

Here’s a quick warm look that pairs rich copper-brown tones on the eyes with bright pink-coral lips. The cheeks are also a rose-gold just to echo the undertones of the lipstick, and the rest of the skin is kept to a “luminous-matte” finish with matte base and slightly glowy setting powder.

And yes - this eye look works for mono-lid eyes as well because the shading goes up to the socket line on the outer corners.

Products Used: 

Base: Benefit Big Easy BB Cream

Concealers: MAC Studiofinish Concealer (for undereye area) and The Body Shop Pencil Concealer (for dark spots)

Powder: Dior Diorsnow Fresh Reveal Powder in 002 Crystal Beige

Brows: Shu Uemura Hard Formula 9 in Seal Brown, Canmake Coloring Brow Mascara 01

Brown cream shadow: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream 14 

Copper, Brown, Gold shimmery shadows: The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes 30

Brown eyeliner: Lancome Hypnose Khol in 02 Brown

Mascara: Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara in Black

Subtle Contouring: Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil matte bronzer with a touch of Make Up Store Tri Brow Color (2 brown shades)

Blush: The Balm Hot Mama

Coral Lipstick: Make Up Store Watermelon

It’s National Lipstick Day

Which shade is your favorite?

There’s something to be said about a good shade of red. On National Lipstick Day we’re donning one of these top 10 lipsticks with a killer LBD. Oh, and they’re all under $20 too.  

Lips in Infrared

Be Legendary Lipstick

Amazonian butter lipstick, watermelon

Crème Lipstick

Medusa’s Makeup Lipstick - Triple X

Lipstick Refill, #302 Retro

Rimmel Kate Lipstick Summer Shades

Marvelous MoxieTM Lipstick

Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick

Wash & Dry Lipstick


Spring 2014 Colors from the Make Up Store!

Every quarter, Make Up Store comes out with three collections. Yes, three. But here are a few of the key pieces from all the collections. Not one of the specific three. But some of these are the most beautiful.

The best items are the marbled microshadow Blue Venato and Watermelon lipstick. 

Pink-based corals are the “it” shade in Asia right now, so a shade like Watermelon is totally on point. 

There’s also a pretty LED gloss called Elegance, which is a nude shimmer.

A note on LED lipglosses:

Let’s be honest. Aside from the pretty color, I don’t think there is really any special reason to ever choose an LED gloss over a regular one. And there’s certainly no reason to PAY more for a little bit of gimmicky light when it’s going to be pointless 90% of the time. 

Watermelon Soda 🍉 velour liquid lipstick is one of the new shades in Jeffree Star Cosmetics upcoming summer 2016 collection.

It has a watermelon scent.

Available July 21st 10am PST