watermelon launch

high school teachers

for @burlybanner

Part 1 is [here], prompted by @kelspots

Pairing:  Bruce Banner/Tony Stark
Length: 116 words
Prompt:  High School Teachers AU (Six Sentence AUs)
Tags: No Powers, established relationship
Warnings: None

“Look, I’m not saying you have to have them doing busy work.  There’s a healthy medium between preparing them for college and boring them for college…”  Tony argued as they stepped out of the car to walk into the school together.  

Bruce rolled his eyes.  “Drop it, Tony.  This is my honors class.  They aren’t there to launch watermelons on the football field.”  

“They might be honors, but they’re still kids.  And you’d be more popular if you launched watermelons.”  

“With who exactly?  The kids or you?”  

Tony didn’t answer, but he shot Bruce one of those grins that made him go weak in the knees.  

Not that he’d ever admit to it.  Not here, anyway.   


Now who thought this would be a good idea for an event on the amazing race…..

(though both of them take it rather well after the fact - see, “the Amazing Race 17 - After the smash”)


“I can’t feel my face.”


Watermelon launch- skip to :15 for the action

“I can’t feel my face.”

Even if you don’t watch the Amazing Race (awesome show tho) this is hilarious. I always found these two to be really annoying too, so it’s just extra funny.