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You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Us)

Summary: When you’re feeling down, who’s better to cheer you up than your two best friends?

Steve & Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Sadness, Fluff, Tears, Best friends.

Word Count: 1802

A/N: I wrote this for my best friend @roobiecube94, because she deserves some Steve and Bucky love right now. TBH she genuinely deserves all the love right now. I’ll also have you know that I had the song on repeat the entire time, and was singing along. Please note the little bit of an extra surprise at the end! I also tried to bring @papi-chulo-bucky into it, but I’m assuming she’s asleep - damn time zones! Edit: WE GOT PAPI

For the last few days you hadn’t been feeling so well, and emotionally, you felt exhausted.

Everything seemed be getting to you, making your moods turn sour, and making you feel withdrawn from everyone at the Avengers tower. It wasn’t intentional, and you sure as hell didn’t want people knowing about it, so you did what you knew best as a resident trained-spy, and hid your feelings. Going on about your day, you smiled at your co-workers, shared jokes over coffee in the meeting room, and had even agreed to go see a movie later on in the week; everything was fine - at least, on the outside to others, which is exactly what you wanted.

It was the end of an extremely long day at the headquarters, and you were more than excited to finally be able to escape to your room and hide away until the following day, when you were forced to get up. You weren’t hungry, and if you did get hungry, you had a secret mini-fridge hiding behind one of your cupboards that you kept stocked with Strawberry and Watermelon flavoured gummies - that was sure to sate it. Sugar comas were the best form of happiness.

Your excitement, however, was cut short at the sounding of FRIDAY’s voice from above you. “Miss Y/N, Mr. Barnes and Mr. Rogers have requested for you to meet them in the recreation room. They mention that it isn’t urgent, but would sincerely like you to meet them their willingly, or they would come find you and I quote “drag you by the ankles”.”

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whataboutthefictionalgaychildren  asked:

Hello there fren! Can I get me some cute/funny/s e n s u a l 2p Axis headcanons? I'm writing a thing and I'm low on ideas.

sure thing ;) good luck with your thing my dood


  • Flavio has had this stuffed toy (the first thing he’d ever sewn) since he was a child. It’s a little black cat with pink heart-eye buttons and he has not gotten rid of it
    - Luciano knows about this and thinks it’s adorable
  • Luciano is really into stamp-collecting and souvenir hoarding and always gets his friends something small if he goes somewhere new
  • Gilen is a sucker for romcoms and has cried over one more than once. Lutz sometimes joins him
  • Lutz goes to parks a lot when he runs and always stops by this little meadow. There’s a little girl that lives nearby that comes out sometimes to pick flowers and she always gives him some
    - he comes home with flower crowns a lot
  • Kuro used to let 2P!Vietnam paint his nails a lot when she was younger
    - he never took it off when she was done. she just looked so proud


  • Gilen is the one that lives in the upstairs part of the house and Lutz lives in the basement; he is kind of condemned after what happened in the kitchen
  • Luciano doesn’t make noise when he walks and it’s the most horrifying thing
  • Lutz is actually pretty shitty at holding alcohol and doesn’t drink as much as people think
  • Kuro hates anklets and will never talk to anyone wearing them
  • Flavio can’t read street signs until after he passes them


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The signs when angry
  • Aries: *morphs into an actual tomato* IM GONNA END YOU
  • Taurus: lol ur so extra tho?? haha bye *continues playing with their lighter and being fascinated with the flames*
  • Cancer: WHY I OUGHTA!!!!ARGGGGG!!!!damn kids *angrily pulls out a watermelon flavoured lollipop*
  • Leo: hm. well. thats fine. you just keep doin u and i'll just keep sharpening this knife haha catch ya later bruh
  • Virgo: i find that the best stress reliever is actually human flesh!!! the slabs of it i keep in my fridge are getting a little stale...i think im gonna keep u around for a bit :D
  • Libra: *sprinkles glitter up into the air* *watches as it lands in your eyes and slices your corneas* hahahahahaha nice!
  • Scorpio: see im hoping for a little give and take here. i give you a lump of coal up your ass like a jolly little santa clause and you give me a diamond in return :)
  • Sagittarius: if hazel grace was a grenade, then im a fucking atom bomb. but i don't mind blowin' you up bby. so pipe the hell down before ur guts are decorating my walls like christmas ornaments <3
  • Capricorn: aw hunny if i wanted to waste my time being mad at something irrelevant, insignificant and worthless, i'd just yell at ur dick
  • Aquarius: i am too sober for this
Vidcon Love - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part One)

“Morning Y/N” Zoe smiled sleepily at you as she made her way into the kitchen, where you were preparing a breakfast feast. “Morning chummy..” You yawned, sleepy yourself and turned the sausages over in the pan, hearing them sizzle as the aroma of food you were cooking wafted around the air. Currently it was four a.m. and you were getting ready to leave your house soon and head off to sunny LA for vidcon. Like your best friend Zoe or also known as the wildly popular Zoella, you yourself are also a YouTuber, your channel (Your youtube channels name) is also extremely popular, with over seven million subscribers. Like Zoe, you do beauty, fashion, collaborations and occasionally some dare and certain tag videos. You’ve got thousands of fans just like Zoe and you wake up every morning always so grateful to read such positive feedback on your videos that you make. You honestly just want to meet every one of your subscribers and thank them for everything, because without them, you wouldn’t be able to travel the world and grasp onto new opportunities like your doing today, travelling to LA for vidcon where you can hopefully meet all of your subscribers and take many selfies, pictures and give as many hugs as you can. You were honestly so excited that you didn’t mind getting up at four a.m. to travel!

“Are you excited? I’m so excited..I can’t wait to vlog everything and meet everyone..even the fans who didn’t manage to get a ticket, I’m going to try and see everyone..” Zoe smiled as you took the toast from the toaster and set it onto a plate for Zoe with some scrambled egg and sausages. “It’s going to be great! It’s my second year..If the first time was amazing, I’m only positive that the second will be outstanding! I’m nervous though..what if they don’t come?” You asked nervously while fixing up the kettle to boil. “Oh don’t be so silly! You had such an amazing turn out last year! I bet there’ll be even more this year! Anyways, I know a certain person will be going to your table..” Zoe winked while you rolled your eyes playfully. “Oh c'mon Y/N! You so like him!” Zoe giggled waking up some more as she dug into the breakfast you prepared while you got your own plate and started to dig into your own food. You blushed a deep crimson while you played with your scrambled egg and gave Zoe a look. “Joe and I are just friends..” You told her, chewing on your scrambled egg then taking a large gulp from your tea to calm your quickly beating heart and the butterfly party in your stomach. “Sure Y/N, we all know what’s really going on though..” You heard Alfie chuckle as he winked at you while he made his way into the conversation and gave Zoe a peck on the cheek making you scrunch your face up in disgust but only in a playful manner. Yourself and Zalfie lived together in the flat. You and Zoe have been friends since play school. You’ve known each other, practically since you were born even though you were a year younger than her! But you’ve grown up with her and managed to be in the same school and class! The Suggs and your family were close indeed which is how you and Zoe became the best of friends, and how you also managed to develop a crush on her very fit brother Joe. Of course, Zoe didn’t know about this but she’s always assumed that you’ve had a thing for Joe and Alfie believes that Joe has a thing for you.

“Whatever you say Alfredo..” You laughed shaking your head before you wolfed down the food you made and quickly made an exit to your bedroom where you changed into your airport gear. A pair of primark tracksuit bottoms, your favourite ‘The Beatles’ shirt and a pair of comfortable trainers. You tied your hair up after brushing it and put your hair up into a messy bun. Oh so typical, like in those fan fictions you’ve seen before but to be honest, you weren’t going to get all dolled up for the airport or the long journey of the airplane. You just wanted to be comfortable, which is the most important thing when flying, but you didn’t want to arrive without anything on your face, so you used some concealer around your eyes and blended it in with your finger, and you brushed the mascara brush across your lashes two to three times before running your watermelon flavoured and tinted lip balm over your lips. You grabbed your carry on bag and your packed suitcase and met Zalfie at the door with your passport and plane ticket. “Sunny LA is waiting for us! Let’s go!” Zoe squealed as she ran outside in the morning darkness to the awaiting taxi. You laughed softly at her excitement and followed closely behind her while Alfie locked up the house. The driver helped take your bags and set them into the boot of the car. You really could not wait! Everyone was going to be at the airport! Yourself, Zoe, Alfie, Caspar, Jim, Tanya, Marcus, Niomi, Oli, Dan and Phil, Louise with little Darcy and lastly Joe Sugg. The other half of your chummy. You went to open the car door when your breath suddenly caught as it opened itself, and there he sat with a wide grin on his face. “Surprise..” Joe smiled looking up to you through his lashes. Your heart stopped but quickly started to beat rapidly with nervousness and excitement as you watched Joe scoot over slightly into the middle where he could sit. “Hi..” You breathed, releasing the breath you didn’t even realise you were holding. Zoe sat on the other side of Joe with a proud grin on her face while she settled herself down into her side while Alfie jumped into the front seat. She knew he was going to be here and she didn’t even tell you!? How could she! Yourself and the dinosaurs in your stomach sat into the taxi beside Joe and got settled for a forty five minute journey to the airport. ‘Let the journey begin..’ You thought to yourself as the taxi drove off towards the airport.


Here’s part one of my Joe Sugg imagine, if you’d like to see part two, don’t be afraid to message m! I’m still overwhelmed by how much support my first imagine got! So thank you so much! If you’d like another part, please message me and tell me your thoughts! all the love xxx

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Cute Jily headcanons?

I have so many SO MANY cute jily headcanons it’s not even funny 

  • Cuddling. The two of them just loved to cuddle. In bed, in the common room, it doesn’t even matter really. Just cuddling anywhere, anytime.
  • Like, if Lily had to choose her favourite place in the world, it would definitely be in James’ arms because they’re warm and comfortable and she would sit on his lap and he would prop his chin up on her head and these damn idiots omfg.
  • Lily was a compulsive sleep grabber. When she’s asleep she would grab onto anything within her arm’s reach (usually James) and not let go until she wakes up which is usually ages after James wakes up but he hardly minds.
  • She ties up her hair when going to bed but he always- without fail- ends up pulling out the elastic and letting her hair loose over the pillows.
  • Though he complains about it to her, he secretly likes getting up to a face full of red hair.
  • Before they started dating they used to send each other letters and notes and usually it was just them bantering with the other but sometimes things like ‘You looked nice in that jumper today, Evans,’ or ‘Congrats and acing that Transfiguration exam, Potter,’ would slip through because the two of them like each other but aren’t sure if the other one likes them back and ugh these idiots are going to kill me.
  • When they start dating they just flick little pieces of parchment at the other during class with nothing other than ‘I love you’ written on it.

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Expectations, a Rumbelle Starbucks Baby Fic

Summary: Bae would have everything he didn’t. Belle was sure of it, but Nick felt wholly unprepared. Money seemed to be, to him, the obvious solution to his problem.

Rating: G (it’s a baby fic, you awful pervs).

Dedicated to Book, the awful human being who took me to Fao Schwarz under false pretences to give me Starbucks plot bunnies.

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being friends with iris and talking to her about eddie and barry?

“Did you know that his favorite ring pop flavour is Watermelon?” you ask her, popping a piece of popcorn in your mouth. Iris looked over at you and then back at the TV and shook her head.

“Did you know that Barry’s got a favourite pair of underwear?”

You start to giggle furiously. “Mhmm! The ones with the pineapples on them!” you squeal, unable to contain yourself. Iris bursts into small giggles as well and the two of you try to calm yourself down.

“The thing is, that pair of underwear does make his butt look absolutely fantastic.” you say, after the two of you calm down.

“Uh! Gross!” Iris giggles as she throws a pillow at you. You squeal as the pillow lands on the bowl of popcorn knocking it over.

“Save the women and children!” you cry, scrambling to eat as much of the casualties as possible before the five second rule took effect. Iris flew to your side and began stuffing popcorn into her mouth as well.

“I can’t chew fast enough!” you cry, sending you both into another fit of giggles. When you realize that the rest are helpless to fall back against the side of your bed, still trying to catch your breath from laughing to much. “It’s alright,” you say, heaving another deep breath. “Rosco will eat the rest, I’m sure. He loves popcorn.” Suddenly there was a furious scratching at the door. you get up and motion for Iris to go back to her spot on the bed. You wrench open the door and in comes bounding a fully grown rottweiler who, in one bound, pounces on the popcorn. When he finishes, his butt wiggling, he turns and leaps on your, licking your face until it’s drenched.

“Ooof. Rosco!” you grumble as your shove him off of you.

“Rosco come here!” Iris calls sweetly, patting the little nest of blankets the two of you made in the middle for him. The big dog started panting happily as he bounded into his spot and laid on his back so Iris could rub his belly. When the group calms down and Rosco finally settles in, you put the movie you were watching back on and settle in for the night.