I got this idea in my head after I painted this summer art of Riven: Riven :NSFW optional:

Maybe it’s a bit trivially, but I hope you like it ^^

Because Riven is one of my fav characters, I’d be happy to see this skin in the game ;v; Btw, on my Patreon you’ll find a bit different version: click here

Psd-file, step-by-step and more will be a part of August rewards through my Patreon! Thank you for supporting me, with your help I’ll be able to paint more art!

쪼끔 늦었지만 삼성테마스토어에 테마가 등록되었습니다:)
‘수박파라다이스’ 혹은 'watermelon paradise'로 검색하면 나온답니다! 앞으로 한 달에 하나 이상의 테마가 등록될 예정이에요😉😉

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KQED Food: Watermelon Girl Explores Summer Fruit Through Traditional Chinese Medicine       

Lila Volkas shares what she’s learned about the medicinal qualities of fruit from acupuncturist and food as medicine consultant Mamie Chow L. Ac.

For example:

  • Fruit digests at a different rate than other foods and therefore is most beneficial when eaten by itself
  • Apricots can be helpful for eyesight
  • Peaches are cooling by nature and can promote blood circulation and nourish body fluids
  • Eating watermelon can cool your stomach, sooth irritability and promote fluid creation

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