This sums up my time in Ljubljana nicely. Lots of sunshine and watermelon EVERY SINGLE DAY. 😆🍉 I head to Rijeka tomorrow! Can’t wait to explore Croatia for two whole months. 😁 (at Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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Sunny morning + cheap and cheerful opshop bowl = good excuse for a fake fruit pic. 🍍🍉🍌
Link for 🍍 pattern in my profile.
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This watermelon should have been the second one to ripen, but it will be the last one and this puzzles me. There’s a 35 day rule, but that obviously does not apply. Another thing i read was that the tendril that’s closest to the melon (clearly visible in the picture), will dry up as the melon ripens, so when it’s dried up the melon is ripe. When i harvested one with a dried up tendril it was not yet completely ripe yet though, so i think the tendril thing must be ‘tendril dried up, then wait maybe 3 or 4 days and then ripe’. There’s also the sound thing but how are you gonna compare the sound of today with that of yesterday without special instruments? Then i got the anonymus message that it will be ripe when the stem dries up, but it seems to me that that’s somewhat late when it already starts ripening when the tendril dries. Nou ja.


Big Watermelon Wolves :> !!

Little by little they come to say hi ! The first wolf feels better now and even have a big smile at the end =) 

Watermelon’s sport :>

The little one can’t stop !!!!! 

I put the French way to write numbers from one to nine ! You can see that the six is the same as the English one but the Pronunciation is a little different :

 in French, we say six like “Sis” not saying the “x”.

Also Wolf in french is Loup and Watermelon is Pastèque ^^ 

This photo inspired me a lot, I can imagine a forest full of wolves with watermelons with them =D 

I hope that you will remember the numbers with those animations ^^ 


KQED Food: Watermelon Girl Explores Summer Fruit Through Traditional Chinese Medicine       

Lila Volkas shares what she’s learned about the medicinal qualities of fruit from acupuncturist and food as medicine consultant Mamie Chow L. Ac.

For example:

  • Fruit digests at a different rate than other foods and therefore is most beneficial when eaten by itself
  • Apricots can be helpful for eyesight
  • Peaches are cooling by nature and can promote blood circulation and nourish body fluids
  • Eating watermelon can cool your stomach, sooth irritability and promote fluid creation

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