Hell Or High Watermelon (21st Amendment)

Brewery : 21st Amendment
Beer : Hell Or High Watermelon
Style : Wheat Ale / Fruit Beer
Variance : Brewed with Watermelon

8 / 10

Have you ever wondered what a watermelon Jolly Rancher would taste like melted down in beer? Me either but apparently the fine folks at 21st Amendment did and thank goodness because apparently this is the result. I never really understood the saying “come hell or high water” because I usually just come semen but I guess some people have issues with their tubing. Actually, that old saying basically means “no matter what” which works for me because I always try to grab a can of this in the summer regardless of what’s going on or who is in my way or who I have to kill so it makes perfect sense. I feel like this is the originator of breweries using watermelon in their beers and even if I’m wrong, I’ll just stick to my made up fact instead because I feel like they deserve the credit. This has a huge watermelon candy flavor to start with tons of sweetness before some light malt sweetness mixes in before wrapping up with a mild biscuit flavor. As far as summer beers go, this one is highly recommended by fake experts like myself with good reason because it has great flavor and is light enough to crush a six pack before you know what hit you. For rookies, pick this up because it’s a great starter brew to ease you into the style and craft in general and for masters of the bation… I mean beers, this is a great hot weather beer so snag a can and jump on your pool raft and enjoy!

Written by: Steve B.


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  • Eating watermelon can cool your stomach, sooth irritability and promote fluid creation

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