watermarks ruin everything


‘Call Me By Your Name’ Star Timothee Chalamet on That Peach 'Fruit Love Scene’

He (Guadagnino) thought maybe it worked better as a literary metaphor in the book and that it could never really work well as a visual metaphor. And he came up to me maybe a week or two weeks before shooting and he goes, “Timmy, ya know, I tried it, and it works.” And I was like, “Of course it works, Luca, like, were you never a teenager?”

ok, it may be small and the watermark ruins everything what a surprise


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If you screencap when he is tied to the chair I will be even more eternally in your debt than I am already.

attn every1 on tumblr who is following me which is redundant bcuz every1 on tumblr is following me: 

dis is my bro’s girlfriend and she likes 2 remind me wat kind of sandwiches she likes 2 eat in bed

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omg he was so sexy in this movie

lol maybe i ain’t str8 can’t help u

needs moar:

omg i can’t believe i gif’d dis w8 yes i can i am