watermarking shit now


“Tell me, do you know what day it is Evey?”
“Um, November 4th?”
“Not anymore…”


JACKSON WANG // GQline art edition

I saw an artist friend complain about this once before and just now I’ve seen a few other artists getting anons warning them of this, so I went and checked and yep, looks like @rawstucky is reblogging people’s art but deleting all the artists’ captions in the process. This is extremely rude and I think a lot of people around here follow them, plus I have many artists friends so, guys, consider this a heads up.


This blog now officially updates on Sundays, so Match #1 should be up in a week :) 


-poem by naum

k-pop tag?

tagged by @madhouse-cabaret ~

i won’t tag anyone but feel free to do this yourselves ok

ultimate bias

this idiot (bitch i love him so m u c h ??)

ultimate bias wrecker

bitch i have too many but here’s a handful

first of all

changmin u piece of shit 

(taehyun who makes my heart so ! ! ! !)

n bAbY mInsEoK i lOv E

favorite k-pop song

my favorite song changes every three days so atm it’s here come the regrets by epik high n lee hi, junsu’s cake love, or can be better by highlight

first k-pop song

im not counting gangnam style so it was either bts’s boy in luv, snsd’s i got a boy, or aoa’s heart attack (i have a really bad memory pls spare my soul)

favorite album/single

 i think my favorite album is xignature but that’ll probably change if you ask me a few days from now

favorite k-pop ship

rlly i dont ship a lot of idols that strongly like i usually just accept the gay u feel

bc if we’re talking about gay we’re talking about shinhwa

favorite company

when i first got into k-pop my favorite company was yg but honestly that’s changed n now idek any company that doesn’t have a handful of things i disagree with

 story of how you got into k-pop

ah, back in 2015 after i got sick of replaying the same green day album all day long i went on youtube’s “poplar asian music” section or whatever the fuck it was called n i was so lost to say the least (i couldn’t recognize members to save my life) but here i am now as the epitome of k-pop trash