watermarking all my stuff

Ronan probably always noticed how Adam’s ears would burn bright pink whenever he was embarrassed; but never thought it’d be because of him.


I was going through a Starbucks drive-through and … and when I pulled up I had just ordered a coffee and then I had pulled up to the thing and the girl that was at the window: 

“Oh my gosh! You’re my favorite! I love you on the show! I never have seen you and you’re my favorite! And I love your face so much!” 

and just like- but going off and like they’re really fangirling and getting like more and more like- just like nervous and adorable and everything and she was just saying the cutest things like: 

“Your face is my favorite! And your character is my favorite! And like this…” 

and then her colleague goes: 

“Allie, you’re on the intercom!”

and so she was taking the orders from Starbucks and it was like on the whole time. It was really cute- it was like my favorite, favorite fan encounter ever.


You are my quinque.


I’m not here to make a big deal out of some 15 year old stealing my artwork and using it, but seriously. Do I have to watermark all of my stuff over their face or body part? Like?? It shouldn’t be so hard to just ask me or other artists to use their stuff. And if they say no then you move on, not do it anyway. What kind of backwards manners shit is that?
I’ve been more than generous making my URL and signature inconspicuous and off to the side and faded so it won’t be in the face or body and be distracting but now it seems like I have to. :/

And what especially makes me mad is the fact that people will reblog their shit and won’t even let me or other people know that their stuff is being used without their permission and continue to support that person for stealing art work until it’s too late to stop it or take it down because it’s already circulated. :/ also people bypassing what I have to say so they can reblog the original edit without me accusing the person of stealing my artwork, you’re just as guilty because you’re allowing them to gain notes and followers and reblogs on something that isn’t rightfully theirs just because you want some aesthetic thing on your blog :/

like I could give less of a shit if you’re some aesthetic editor person, it’s common courtesy to ask before you take something that someone spent hours to do and that wasn’t even made for you. If you want to use my artwork that you may have the rights to, then you commission me and then you can do whatever the fuck you want with the picture then. But not when it’s not made for you and it’s my own picture that was made for myself that I show to the public because I want them to appreciate it because it’s MY work.

Stealing people’s artwork just ruins it mate. Because you’re taking credit for something I did. That’s fucked up dude. :/


snoop dogg voice: WE DEM BOYS

about time i put effort into something hm? ahaha! Here are my favorite two robos bein all cool n stuff