watermarked because people already reposted my stuff

on art theft

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been reblogging a lot of stuff related to plagiarism and art theft recently. This is because my painting of an OC character design was reposted on another site without my permission or any credit to me. It still had my watermark on it. I’ve since had it taken down.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of posts already made about tracing, reposting, and outright reclaiming; rightly so. They are prevailing issues on tumblr and deviantart (it’s a cesspit), and urgently need to be addressed. Another issue is people submitting other people’s art for videos without permission. The phandom unfortunately has a bit of a penchant for this, mostly due to the number of people desperate to be noticed by Dan and Phil who don’t realise the implications of stealing art – hence the angry posts made by affected artists. However, there are very few – if any – posts on cheating.

What I mean by this is artists who take photos they find online and pass them through filters to make them look like paintings, then claim that they drew them themselves.

This is cheating. I cannot stress it enough. I’ve seen it on my dash recently, and I recognise what has been done to the picture. I can see the tools that have been used because I know my way around Photoshop and other editing programs, but someone who is not familiar with these may just see a really good digital painting. Thus, the “artist” gets attention and praise for their “work” – something that took all of ten minutes to create.

It is grossly unfair to legitimate artists who pour hours into a piece of work that they’re proud of, only to post it online and have a piece of cheated art surpass it in notes. It also basically spits in the eye of artists, completely devaluing their work and integrity, reducing their talent to something that can be cheaply replicated and passed off. Can you see how this would make them feel? Like they may as well not bother if their stuff is going to live in the shadow of faked pieces.

It is absolutely not okay. Ever. This is a very grey area in terms of plagiarism etc, but it’s absolutely a demonstration of a complete lack of artistic integrity and respect.

Sorry for the rant.

this in response to some comments made, in no particular order.

were my posts super fucking mean sounding? yeah, they really were. i have a pretty short fuse, and waking up in the the morning to find out people had been taking my stuff again was enough to set me off. i’m not going to try and justify them beyond giving a reason why, and i’m also not gonna delete them to try and cover anything up. cause yeah, i was waayy too harsh sounding, and i apologize if i made anyone upset or uncomfortable because of them, whether they were directed at you or not.

anyways, i had one of the reposters already come say that they were sorry to me, i explained why reposting art with no credit was harmful, and they understood. they took my stuff down, made a post about it on their account, and said that they’d talk to the others about it as well.

as for the people suggesting i watermark/sign my stuff, i know that’s a way to make sure i still get credit in the event that my art is stolen/reposted, but sometimes that isn’t enough to prevent it in the first place. not to mention people will sometimes go out of their way to remove signatures before reposting or stealing, and no one wants me to have to add a huge obstructing watermark to all my pictures. i’ll still probably start adding signatures on my posts just in case though.

tl;dr- i was super fuckin rude and i’m sorry, i got an apology, i’m gonna sign my stuff now i guess.

Reposters' logic
  • Artist: Hey! That art is mine! Why didn't you credit me?
  • Reposter: Ooh I didn't know it was yours!!!
  • Artist: *starts putting watermark in art*
  • Artist: Hey! Could you please not post my art uncredited here?
  • Reposter: But it has your watermark, it's credited! *signs to a lower-quality image of art, watermark not so clear*
  • Artist: *facepalm* Okay, you know what, I want it removed anyway.
  • Reposter: Okay, but that's your loss 'cos when your art is shown in many sites you'll be famous
  • Artist: Em, how about this other art with no watermark and no source whatsoever? See, that's why I don't want my art here. I'm not interested in being famous, unlike people who make pages and get likes and followers off others' art.
  • Reposter: Look I'm just here because I wanna have fun/love X/want to share X with ppl, it's not my fault ppl do't watermark their stuff I also make edits blablabla
  • Artist: *ignores BS* Whatever, don't use what's not yours. Remove my art already!!
  • Reposter: You know what I was going to but this rant of yours is so stupid if you don't want ppl to 'steal' your art why you post it
  • Artist: *feels gray cells dying* *EXPLODES* *sends fucking DMCA complaint*