‘I Want a Room in Loopy Town!’


  • via Femicom
  • So what is this ‘Animal Crossing’-styled house simulator you never heard of? Why, it’s one of the few titles released for the very obscure Casio Loopy: a girl-focused console from 1995! Every title released for the Loopy was designed to attract girls; using cute imagery and concepts. It was part of Casio’s last-ditch effort to profit from video games, so if its obscurity is any hint, it’s safe to assume it didn’t catch on.

‘Wishbone and The Amazing Odyssey’

[*WM*] [PC / MAC] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1996]

  • Scanned by The-Toy-Chest, via DeviantART
  • Wishbone is zapped into a virtual rendition of Homer’s epic poem, where he takes on the role of Odysseus. Help him as he faces off against great Greek myths, travels into the bowels of the underworld, and tries to get a duck off his ship.
  • My first point and click adventure game! They need to bring this GOG.

‘Jack Bros.’

[*WM*] [VB] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1995]

  • via Games Database
  • Holy crap, watch out! Better get home by midnight, or these maniac ghouls are gonna gitcha! More examples of hardcore-Kirby-style American marketing: these gruesome depictions of the titular characters are not at all identical to how they actually look in the game, or in general, as any Shin Megami Persona fan would tell you….
  • Dammit, Game Database, why you gotta watermark? The clean version of this ad is just as rare as the game itself!