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I always see Fem!Deku and Todo,, but never a Fem!Todo and Deku so im here to change that

She loves it

anonymous asked:

RJ Cyler posted your Jason x Billy art on his instagram!

HOLY, REALLY?! I’ll have to go check that out omg!

THIS IS REAL! I added a comment with my name and information, if anyone else feels like being grand and doing so as well, that’d be sweet! :)

Personal favorite shot from last night! 

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I did a quick “best of” batch of last night’s concert and edited them to post on here, Twitter, and Instagram. The rest I will get to as I can between school and my jobs and internship. Thanks for the understanding and the support. Was great to see some familiar faces last night at BB Kings!


[who is your hero?] Well, my mom, definitely. And I guess probably Jim Carrey.