watermarbled nails


Sanders Sides nail art, because why not!
I loved doing them, I got to try new techniques and experiment! @thatsthat24
For close up, bts and the list of polishes used go to my ig (@/noahiii_art)

And now an in depth analysis of my choices.

Colour: peach
Technique: blobbicure
Finish: creme
Why? He’s peachy and bubbly, and I felt like light colours and a simple but amazing technique would fit him well.

Colour: dark blue
Technique: gradient and nail vynils
Finish: multichrome
Why? I used multichrome polishes because Logan is one that never shows himself totally, but you need to see him in different lights to admire all the different traits. A geometric design is what felt that better fitted him.

Colour: dark red
Technique: glitter placement
Finsih: holo
Why? Well, obviously I used holos for the rainbows (I feel like Roman would be the one that shows pride). The glitter placement is one of the most time consuming technique, and I felt like it was a way to show the journey of the prince.

Colour: black
Technique: watermarble
Finish: shimmer
Why? Personally I think that watermarble is by itself the most difficult technique to master (I myself am a beginner) and few in the nail art community can say they have mastered it. So it is with Virgil, the complicated one, never understood, difficult to befriend and hard to forget.

Rainbow Glitter Water Marble Nails


Here is my #watermarbletutorial for my current #neon #watermarble #mani.
Products used are:
1. Watermarble tool from @whatsupnails
2. My Perfect Mani Saver from @nailnation3000
3. Neon polishes: Canary Yellow, Twinkle, Red Butler, Starlight, Contaminate, Party O’ Green, Plutonium, Rainbow Brite, and Explosive. All are from @nativewarpaints.
I have never used 9 #nailpolish for a #watermarble. I feel accomplished😀
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Water marble for day 20 of the 31dc2015.

I don’t do water marble often so this might be my 4 attempt at them and I really like the result even if it’s not that perfect.

The colors are not as bright as I wanted but it’s still ok for me.

All polishes are OPI : Where did Suzi’s Mango?, Toucan do it if you try and OPI scores a goal!, glitters on accent nails are by Maybelline: Bronze me up and Bouquet.