Okay, guys, I’ve never use this blog for anything that’s unrelated, but a friend and I just started a new blog and could really use the exposure, so I hope you don’t mind a quick pitch!

Basically, I found the above book in a used bookstore last week. One of those super cool used bookstores that looks like it’s out of the movies, with super narrow, super high wooden shelves. No clue how I found the book.

But my friend, Josh, and I thought it would be fun to do a project a week and document it for everyone, since there are some really funny projects in there. For example:

  • Mail some money, chopsticks, and a Chinese takeout menu to an unemployed friend and keep it anonymous
  • Bake a key lime pie then leave a box of limes, pictures of you eating the pie, and your recipe in public and hope someone takes it home to also make a pie.
  • Hold funerals for discarded umbrellas after it rains.
  • Go to a place you’ve never been, take a picture of yourself, and never return there for as long as you live.
  • Write an erotic story that takes place in a laundromat.

There are 47 other projects in this book, and there are even more on the 52 projects website, so we’ll continue it once we’ve done them all. We’re hoping other people do some of the projects with us and submit their results, but even if people just follow our blog and enjoy our attempts at doing all of madness, we’d really appreciate it :)

As an added bonus, let me know if you follow it, and I’ll follow you and promo you!

So please follow: Waterloo52