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The Sleepover

A Joshaya Fanfic (with a touch of Rucas!)

Story by: @hoffkk

Summary:  Josh makes a surprise visit and decides to stay the night, crashing a sleepover between Riley and Maya.  With the parents away and another special visitor joining in on the fun, a friendly game night becomes much more intense.  Sparks fly, emotions run high, and suddenly all bets are off.

Notes: I do not own these characters or anything GMW/BMW related….I just love them to death!  I hope you all enjoy this story!  Let me know what you think!


It was a quiet night. Auggie was sitting at the end of the coffee table drawing pictures with his new set of colored pencils, while Riley was hanging upside down on the couch playing Ninja Fruit on her phone. With her back against the seat cushion, feet tangling over the back of the couch, and hair hanging down and splayed all over the floor, Riley was slicing her way to a new high score when they heard a quick knock at the door, followed by the sound of it being thrown open only to find one of their favorite relatives standing in the threshold.

“Muh family!” Josh called out.

“Josh!” Auggie exclaimed as he ran across the room to hug his uncle.

“Hey!” Riley called, before flipping her legs over her head and landing on her knees in front of the small, round coffee table, which Auggie had been sitting at with a loud Oomph!  Wiping the hair out of her face, she sprang on to the balls of her feet, extended her arms out like she was ready to karate chop someone, and yelled, “I’m a ninja!”

Josh just stood there with his arm around Auggie and an amused look on his face as he replied, “I can see that.”

“Yeah…you should stick to fruit.”  Auggie added dryly, referring to her recent obsession with the app, she had been playing.

Riley straightened herself, pushing some hair behind her ear as she rolled her eyes at her brother. Then, with a smile on her face, she spoke.

“It’s good to see you, Uncle Josh.”

“You too.” He said, chuckling softly.

“So, what brings you here?”  Riley asked.

“I had to take care of some things at NYU, so I figured I would just come surprise you guys and stay the night.”

“You’re sleeping over?!”  Auggie asked excitedly.

“Yep.”  Josh answered, holding up the black duffle bag he had been clutching in his other hand, that wasn’t around his nephew’s shoulders, as proof.

“Yes!” Auggie shouted, making a “cha-ching” gesture with both of his little arms.

“Aw, you’re here and staying the night?  Yay!”  Riley said, clapping cheerfully.  Then suddenly, something clicked in Riley’s head, causing her eyes to widen. “Wait… you’re here and staying the night?  Oh, no…”  She trailed off, worry evident on her face.  

“Um… are you happy about it or not?  I’m a little confused.”  Josh responded, his brow still furrowed from his niece’s words.

“Of course, I am.” Riley assured.  "I just… I’ll be right back.“  She finished quickly with a tentative smile, then grabbed her phone from the couch and scurried down the hall to her bedroom.

"Did that make sense to you?”  Josh questioned, turning to Auggie.

“Nope,” Auggie stated. "But she never makes sense to me.”  He finished with a shrug of his shoulders, then went back over to where he had left his art supplies and proceeded to show Josh all of the drawings he had done.

Josh praised his nephew’s talent all the while wondering what the heck was going on with his niece.


Riley was pacing across the open space in her room between her bed and the bay window as she dialed Maya’s number for the third time.

“Come on!  Pick up!”  Riley pleaded into the phone, hoping to get a hold of her friend before it was too late.  Maya was due to arrive any time now for their own sleepover, but now that Josh was here to stay the night, Riley wasn’t so sure Maya coming over was the best idea, especially since the last time they had seen each other was the morning after that college party she and Maya had crashed to “save” Josh.  The two of them had ended things on seemingly good terms, but that didn’t mean that having them both over wouldn’t be awkward for everyone involved.  Suddenly the ringing stopped and Maya’s voice flowed through the phone.

“Hey, Riles, what’s up?”  She greeted.

“Maya, hey…” Riley trailed off, not knowing exactly what to say.  She knew that honesty was the best policy, but she didn’t want to hurt Maya with the truth.  She was weighing her options in silence when Maya spoke up again.

“Riley?  You still there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. It’s just- I don’t think tonight is gonna work out for our sleepover.”  Riley told her.

“Why not?” Maya said, utterly confused.  They had been planning this night all week and had so been looking forward to it.

“Because…I’m feeling a little under the weather.”  Riley lied. She hated lying, but she hated how emotional Maya could get over Josh even more, not that it was her fault exactly. You can’t help the way you feel, right? “Yeah, uh, my stomach feels queasy… I’m lying in bed as we speak.”  She added to her lie.

“Oh really?” Maya replied, sounding unconvinced. “Cause you look fine to me… cute top by the way.”

“Oh, thanks!” Riley beamed, coming to a halt, facing her bed, and smoothing out her top, a tie-dye tank with fringe at the bottom and a silver sequent peace sign on the front of it.  "I got it- wait…how did you-“

"Turn around, honey.”  Maya cut off her friend’s question.

Riley turned around and saw Maya in her window, waving and smirking at her as she held her cell phone to her ear.  She just waved back and smiled sheepishly, giving a little wave of her own as she said, “Hiiiii.”

Instead of responding, Maya decided to just end the call, tossing her phone into the front pocket of her large, purple and black satchel, which hung across her body securely.  It was technically her book bag for school, but since she was never one to bring books home, it was mostly used as a sleepover bag.  Meanwhile, Riley had tossed her phone onto her bed, and unlocked the window, allowing Maya to gain entry to her room.

After closing the window, Riley took a seat on her bench next to Maya who had just discarded her bag on the floor.

“Look,” Riley began. "I am so sorry for lying to you like that.  Are you mad at me?”

“I’m a lot of things right now, mostly surprised and confused, but mad?  No, I’m not mad at you, Riles.”  Maya replied.

“Really?” Riley queried, glad that she didn’t seem to upset her friend too much with her fib.

“Really.” Maya confirmed.  "I know you, Riley.  You wouldn’t lie to anyone, especially me, if you didn’t have a really good reason.“

"You’re right, and I do.”  Riley nodded curtly as she spoke her words seriously.

“So what is it?” Maya wondered aloud.

Riley took a deep breath before launching into what was, no doubt, a touchy subject for Maya:  Uncle Josh.

“Josh is here. He made a surprise visit and is staying the night.”  She explained.

“Oh.”  Maya said casually, trying to remain indifferent to the situation.

“I should have just told you that from the beginning.”  Riley responded as she pushed some of her long brown locks back behind her ear.

“So, why didn’t you?”  Maya asked curiously.

“I don’t know.  I guess, I thought I was protecting you.” Riley tried to explain.

“Protecting me? From what?”  Maya probed further.

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I don’t think I got a video up yesterday because I was practically in a coma. I just don’t like to sleep so I do the entire weeks worth all at once. Anyways! Today, I bring to you, me, finally finishing Waterloo World. Thank Goodness. I started Gloria’s theater too, maybe not in this one, and had a little trouble, but got it to work eventually.

Austria and Eurovision 101
  • Austria has competed 49 times in Eurovision and reached 45 times the Grand Finale
  • Austria has won twice, the first time with “Merci chèrie” by Udo Jürgens in 1966, the second time with “Rise like a Phoenix” by Conchita Wurst in 2014
  • It finished last 8 times and received 4 times zero points 
  • Austria did not take part 11 times (1969,1970,1973,1974,1975,1998, 2001, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010) 
  • Austria’s songs have been sung 34 times in German, 9 times in English, 2 times in a mix of German and English, 1 time in French, 1 in a mix of English and Spanish and 2 times in dialect (Viennese & Vorarlberger)
  • Austria’s highest ranked entry was, as previously mentioned, “Rise like a Phoenix” by Conchita Wurst which ultimately received 290 points in total
  • In the cours of time, Austria has given most points in the finale to the United Kingdom followed by Ireland. Austria has received the most points from the United Kingdom, followed by Belgium.
  • Currently Austria’s Eurovision commentator is Andi Knoll (he’s awesome btw)
  • Both times when Austria hosted the contest, it took place in Vienna. Erica Vaal was the representer in 1967 and 
    Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler and Arabella Kiesbauer were in 2015.

Top 10 Austrian entries (by finale score):

March 8, 1916 - Verdun: French Recapture the Bois des Corbeaux on the Left Bank

A French poilu stops for a smoke next to several German corpses in a recently captured trench.

On March 7, the Germans captured the Bois des Corbeaux woods next to the village of Mort-Homme, positioning them for a flanking attack on that vital piece of high ground.  In usual aggressive fashion, the French planned and immediate counterattack to wrest the woods back from enemy hands. 

The leader of the assault was Lieutenant-Colonel Macker, who entered the annals of French military history by leading his men forward at a walk, “brandishing his cane and calmly smoking a cigar.”  Macker’s men hopped the bags at dawn, advancing in three dense lines, a picture more of Austerlitz or Waterloo than the First World War.  In a show of discipline worthy of the Old Guard, the French soldiers advanced forward 400 yards in a walk, closing ranks as German shells and machine guns tore holes in their formation.  Closing to 100 yards, they fixed bayonets and charged.  The Germans, througholy taken aback by this magnificent display of élan, broke and fled, and by 7:20 a.m. the woods were back in French hands. Macker, who was the picture of a pre-war French officer with his upswept mustachios, would unfortunately be killed in a similar dashing attack on the 10th, stuck by a German machine gun alongside one of his battalion commanders when he went to congratulate the latter following another success.