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Every second episode of Waterloo Road
  • Head teacher: right kids we have a v important person coming so we gotta all be good etc
  • Students: *intense rowdiness*
  • Female student: *gives birth*
  • Another student: *gets sent to the cooler but is really a good kid*
  • V important person: this school is a shambles! Ur getting shut down!
  • Head teacher: I'm gonna resign
  • Mr budgen: *grumbles about 25 years of suffering at the school*
  • Mr Clarkson: *somehow acquires another child*
  • Pick a teacher any teacher: I'm sticking my neck out for you kid! I could be fired!
  • Students and teachers: *come together to save the day*
  • V important person: wow u ppl at Waterloo road really care, no one is fired and I'm not reporting anything!

It is 2017, I am 24 years old, I am female, I am British born and raised, I am half Asian, my Asian parent is Muslim, I am hella not straight, and I am finally finding characters with stories I can honestly relate to and learn from. Thank you Ackley Bridge.