waterloo pinckney

Somebody should probably take away my camera privileges for not getting the whole dog in this shot, but his flexi-lead wouldn’t let me get any further from him.  

So here we are, setting out on our little adventure to celebrate the end of my semester.  Four days and three nights in the woods with my dog.  Boo’s pack looks full, but it’s just lightweight miscellany in there - his two bowls, a granola bar for me, a snack for him, my maps.  I packed his food and water for him.  He packed a lot for me, especially while I was learning to backpack in 2005, and now that he’s 10 and a half (or nearly 13!), it’s my turn to do for him.  

It was a lovely time of year to look at the wetlands, newly sprouting with vases of young skunk cabbages and bouquets of marsh marigolds.  (The nights were so cold that I didn’t see one mosquito all trip. I am sure this is not the case in high summer.)

It was too early in the season for Caboo to want to do much wading, but he did a fine job of drinking at each stream we came to.  If we didn’t come across one once each hour, I’d stop and get at least three-quarters of a liter into him, using the extra inducement of a snack tossed into the water if he didn’t think he was thirsty.