waterlogue app


Does anyone else have the app waterlogue on their phone? turns photos into watercolors? It’s surprising really good?? especially for animals, food, and landscapes. I like it cause it shows me the potential for what a subject or composition would look like painted and how you could mess with it to make it better. You can quickly play around with composition and color. But sometimes it makes me sad because it makes the photos look so good it’s like…..whaaat….

this is a kimchi pork soondubu I had today >< 

I wish I had painted it… 


Schinus terebinthifolius, commonly known as “aroeira” or “rose pepper” tree, is a sacred plant to natives, perhaps an equivalent to the oak to druids. I love its sweet, aromatic tiny fruits, not really peppers. Last Friday I went to the beach and saw this beautiful one, fully loaded with fruits, and collected some to add to my pepper mill. It is a common tree in Brazilian Atlantic rain forest, from the coastline to the mountains, and a really beautiful sight.

Fresh fruit

As I mentioned in my last post, spring is coming to the southern hemisphere and today I’ve got my first spring flower. I am also about to get the first fruit from the small Brazilian cherry tree (Eugenia uniflora) I keep in my veranda. This is not the way a ripe “pitanga” looks like, but it is still growing!