waterless urinals

Environmentalism Rant

So my current project for my typography class is to recreate a few spreads out of a magazine using InDesign. This particular issue was about water quality and conservation.

In one section, there’s an interview with a water policy expert about how America is running out of fresh, drinkable water, and nowhere in there was animal agriculture mentioned. It did mention “industrial agriculture” once, but conveniently left out the real problem: livestock. One of the questions was “what can the average person do?” The guy proceeds to talk about wacky things like waterless urinals, fecal matter composting toilets, and government legislation, but I’m sitting there like “so when are you going to mention GOING VEGAN?”

These are all valid measures to take, of course, but all the laws and shorter showers in the world aren’t even going to make a dent in the damage and waste that animal agriculture is causing, and this “water policy expert” doesn’t even mention it once, even though it’s the single most effective thing the average person can do. To be fair, this expert could be vegan for all I know, but he’s not using his position of authority on the matter to spread awareness, and that’s what bothers me.

I guess my point is I’m so tired of these so-called “environmentalists” glossing over or just plain avoiding this issue. The food you are eating is destroying this planet; there is simply no denying it. If you care about the planet, you need to go vegan, and it’s about time that the world started to wake up and realize it.