waterless pool

Ballsy:  Reads the second page of this book. 


Passes out hyperventilating I’m laughing so hard.

Yeah, they need SH and her Avant Garde fuckery to make this into a movie.  I can only imagine what SH makes of this “birthing” scene.  She’s gonna need a room (a ROOM I tell you!) of mood-boards for this:

“I growl. I growl more and more, and finally I am waterless, the pool of myself spreading slowly past my toes.  They flap like small birds around the water, they perch on my giant head, they speak of kettles and hot towels.”

I srsly can’t wait for it to come out.  I might need a crash cart on hand tho. Reasons. 

Reads third page.  Continues.  “geriatric primigravida”?   


“I am drenched in is-ness”?