Star Potion ✴

An edible version of Star Water - to be used in consumable beverages. 

The most important difference between these two solutions is the use of EDIBLE glitter! (if it just says “non-toxic,” stay away!) 

The only reliable and easily accessed brand that I have found is Wilton Pearl Dust, which can be purchased at Wal-Mart - the ingredients are FDA approved AND food-grade. 

  1. Combine your edible glitter and drinking water
  2. Leave in the starlight for a few hours to charge
  3. Refrigerate when finished
  4. Add a few drops to your tea, coffee, bottled water, etc. or use as a base for other potions 

Because edible glitter is made from sugar, this sugar/water solution will eventually spoil, especially if exposed to sunlight and heat for an extended period of time - be wary of any mold growth or cloudiness in the water, and if present, dispose of your solution.