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DAILYBBS SHIT #24 Pet Swap!! Ft. H2ODelirious and Vanoss!

Welcome to Swap pets! In this episode, we will be swapping Delirious’s dog with Vanoss’s cat :D

Delirious: Ok so here’s everything you need to take care of him..make sure he goes out about three times a day and eats in the afternoons.

Vanoss:….uhh..yea, here’s my cat. She doesn’t really..do anything but just make sure she has food in her bowl and water as well.

*the day begins now!*

(I think I’ll make this into a thing. Pet Swap! Starring Delirious and Vanoss xD has a nice ring to it ^^ and yes its true that delirious has a dog and vanoss has a cat. I know my facts :D!)

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i think my request was angsty malexandrite

Want your own shippy oneshot? Check here to find out how!

Content Warning: Contains depiction of a relationship that is physically and emotionally abusive, as well as water torture.

Alexandrite couldn’t move. She pulled at her bonds, but all they did was summon another wave to wash over her. She had been expecting it this time and had closed her mouth, refusing to let any water in.

She heard a curt laugh and saw her move into view to their side. From her position on her back, Alexandrite could only see the green striped arms of her captor. Striped, like a tiger. A predator.

“Still struggling.” Malachite spoke now in a different voice. No longer switching between Lapis and Jasper’s, Malachite now had her own, proper voice.

And it was one that sent a chill down Alexandrite’s back.

Malachite circled around them, sending waves crashing against Alexandrite. In the distance, they could still see the island, or at least what remained of it. The earthquakes were growing stronger and stronger.

“Now, then,” Malachite said, leaning right next to Alexandrite’s face. “I have to say, your struggling is rather appealing.”

“Yeah? Then why don’t you free me and you can see how much ‘struggling’ I can really do?”

Malachite laughed harshly. “Perhaps later,” she said. “For now, I think I just want to admire you.”

“A-admire me?”

“Oh yeah,” Malachite smirked broadly. “Just look at you. You are… something incredible, to be sure. A true example of fusion. Like me.” She laughed heartily at her observation. “Because you and I are a lot alike. Two fusions, much too powerful to be trapped on this planet. And yet, here we are.”

“I’m nothing like you,” Alexandrite shot back. “I’m not trapped. Not really. In just a second, I could revert back to my base components and slip right out.”

Malachite’s smile dropped and her face darkened. She leaned in so close to Alexandrite’s face, that they were almost touching. “If you diffuse, you know where I will go first. I will swim to that beach, reach into that house and squeeze the life from his body before any of your components can even manage to surface.”

Alexandrite was stunned silent. However, Malachite didn’t seem to notice. She grimaced and doubled over in obvious discomfort. Alexandrite thought she heard her murmur something that sounded a lot like, ‘get over it’.

“Good. We understand each other.” Malachite raised her head and began tracing her hand down Alexandrite’s chest as Alexandrite struggled again against her watery bonds. “Still have some fight in you. That’s good.”

Malachite lowered herself into the water, pressing her body against Alexandrite’s. She felt herself nearly break apart as several of Malachite’s arms wrapped around.

“I think I know what we should do,” Malachite whispered, not less than an inch away from Alexandrite’s head. “We should fuse.”

Alexandrite bared her teeth as a flash of anger swept over her. “You’re cracked if you think I’ll ever fuse with you!”

Malachite ‘tsked’ at her. “That’s not quite right. One more time.”

Get melted.”

Malachite sighed as suddenly one of her arms snaked around Alexandrite and grabbed her lower jaw and pried her mouth open. Before Alexandrite could consider what was happening, water poured into her mouth, filling it completely. She tried to spit it out, but the water was like cement, dense and unyielding.

“You’ve lost your voice privileges for a while, I think. At least until you learn the right thing to say.”

Malachite drew closer, nuzzling the side of her face against Alexandrite’s. But all Alexandrite could do was lay there in horror, unable to move and even speak out in protest. She was trapped.

Guys? Are you there?

Alexandrite could feel something– someone prodding at her mind. Someone very familiar, someone comforting. After Malachite’s threat, it was a relief, but also not something she wanted Steven to experience, even just through her mind.

Guys! Where are you? Tell me, so I can help you! The earthquakes are getting worse!

Alexandrite quickly closed off their mind, but not before sending one last message to him.

Help Peridot stop the Cluster.

Stay safe.

Don’t come back to Mask Island.

And always remember that we love you.

Before he could protest or hold on, she quickly cut the link, and closed off her mind to any other further intrusions.

Malachite adjusted her grip as she began to slowly rub the small of Alexandrite’s back, an action that would have made her choke on the water in her mouth, had it not still been firmly set in place.

“Don’t worry,” Malachite whispered. “We’re going to have some fun. And when we’re done, maybe then you’ll be up for some fusion.”

To be continued with the rise of Chrysoberyl…

> Water is Powerful

“Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire, and even destroy iron. And when trapped, water forms a new path …“

Hope you don’t mind, I picked your theme for you. I’ve always loved that quote and it seemed to work so well. Water is sort of the "ignored” element. But I always found it to be the strongest.


Well Water?

So it looks more and more likely that the house we’ll move into will be one with well water instead Lake Michigan water, and I was wondering what everyone’s experience with well water is like? I’ve never had anything but water from the lake before, which is already liquid rock, but I’m horrified of unknowns and just wanted some anecdotes.

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Hi! Do you have any advice for a tank that's levels just won't even out? I have one goldfish in a filtered 20 gallon and I do a 10% water change weekly as well as add chemicals weekly per the instructions but the ammonia, ph, nitrites, and nitrates are always about as high as they can go. I don't know what to do about it, I've tried everything that I can think of that should help but it does nothing

Hey sorry for this really late answer. I’d recommend bigger water changes first I think. Maybe 50% per week? I haven’t had goldfish before but I know they have a large bioload. Sorry that’s all I got, but someone else may have some more advice! I’ll tag these lovely people, maybe they’ll have something @toothless-the-betta-fish @pet-of-subs

i needed a reason to trash blackbeard in the form of a meme

Continuing the Roux trend. Some older drawings I posted on patreon last month. My friends and I started a new dnd campaign so I’m tryna draw her more in my spare time.