waterhouse ophelia

How to be a pre-raphaelite muse

🌹 wear flowy dresses in intense colors and flower patterns
🌹 enjoy art of all kinds
🌹 collect your favorite poems and inspiring quotes
🌹 try to find beauty in everything
🌹 spend time in art galleries, museums, theatres
🌹 be nice to people and charm them more with your intelligence than your look
🌹wear gold and silver jewelry and perfumes with musk and almond
🌹 put flowers in loose hair
🌹 surround yourself with antiques, books and paintings
🌹 music to love: celtic rhythms, harp, “Ceremonials”, orchestral
🌹 care about your inner beauty and mind as much as about your appearance


Tolkien Ladies + Pre-Raphaelite Art

- The Lady of Shalott, John William Waterhouse, 1888

- Ophelia, Arthur Hughes, 1863

- Destiny, John William Waterhouse, 1900

- Lady Lilith, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1866

- Queen Guinevere’s Maying, John Collier, 1900

- Portrait of Eveleen Tennant, Frederic Watts, 1869

- Windflowers, John William Waterhouse, 1902

- Beatrice, Marie Spartali Stillman, 1895

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My edit: Women of the House of Elwe + pre raphaelites paintings [1/1]

The paintings are:

  • Melian: Flora by John William Waterhouse;
  • Luthien Tinuviel: Boreas by John William Waterhouse;
  • Nimloth: Ophelia by Jules Joseph Lefebvre;
  • Elwing: Halcyone by Herbert James Draper;

The edit with the Women of House of Finwe is here:

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