Creature of the Week: The Kelpie

The Kelpie is a supernatural creature believed to haunt the lochs and rivers of Scotland and Ireland. Taking the form of a black (or white) pony with a dripping mane, this waterhorse is known to take the form of a beautiful woman. The Kelpie with keep itself hidden with illusions; only it’s eyes above the water’s surface.

No matter the form, the Kelpie will be dripping wet and/or have water weeds in its hair.

The Kelpie loves to eat children. Encouraging them to ride on its back, the Kelpie’s skin will become adhesive and it will drag the children into the water to be consumed.

Abundance Meditation

I’m sure by now many of you are feeling the intense shift of energy that 2014 has brought with it, which has only been compounded by the Chinese Zodiac year of the Water Horse. 

This year is all about flow.  Negative thought patterns, habits and past karmic deeds can be washed away with a greater level of ease, especially if you have spent time doing your internal work.  

Abundance in all areas of your life is available to you and this meditation helps to clear away any blockages that you are having in your sacral chakra, your centre of creativity and sexuality which is represented by the element of water, so that abundance may flow your way in whatever areas of your life you intend for it to whether it be creativity, money, sexual energy, pregnancy, partnership, building a new business, marriage or anything that involves creative divinity and your spirit.

1. Find a comfortable place, preferably next to flowing water, such as a ocean, a stream or a river, waterfall or lake.  Lengthen your spine, eyes closed and begin to focus on your breath.

2. As you breathe, experience the cooling energy at the base of your spine and tune into the sound of the water surrounding you.

3. Draw your attention to your sacral chakra, two inches below your navel. You may wish to put your hand upon this place to feel it.  This chakra is represented by the colour orange.  As you breathe, visualize your chakra centre and notice the vibrancy of the colour. Is it a bright, shining orange or is it dull or faded. Let every inhale increase the vibrancy of the colour and every exhale wash away any energetic blockages that are no longer serving your higher self.  Set an intention here if you wish or bring to mind what you are working to create more abundance around in your life.

4. Next, begin to chant the bija or seed mantra to awaken your sacral chakra.  The mantra is V-A-M and you may repeat this for as long as you feel you need to to clear and/or birth your intention.

5. Tune in again to the sound of the water and feel the element of this in your body to wash away any stagnancy. 

6. Take a few moments to rest and integrate before opening your eyes.