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“Aight, let’s draw something delightful!”


…Well that sure as fuck ain’t delightful…

Anyway, I can seriously recommend the ‘Shadows and light’ series -


- It’s. So. Freaking. Good (And heartbreaking to the point of frustration, but really, it’s great, you should go read it)

Yes, I like spikes.

Was first sketched with a finger on a water-drop covered bus window. Later redrawn in a better, updated, purple and red colored (because I lack my awesome black pen) version during a highly boring presentation in geography about predicting tsunamis. Conclusion - you can’t really predict tsunamis. Isn’t that a surprise. (I’ve been watching too many Zero Punctuation videos. Can you tell?)

Week Two: Nigh the Ness

The premise: What if Claire had conceived on her wedding night with Jamie?

I received this scene as a prompt a couple of weeks ago from @romancoin… my train of thought derailed and exploded into what is now Metamorphosis. It fits perfectly into Claire’s second week of pregnancy!

You can read the wedding night blurb here.

June 18th, 1743.

A gentle breeze lapped the waters of Loch Ness against the shore. It had been a warm day, by Scottish standards, and hours of hard travel left me flushed, tired, and cross. I had seized the opportunity to wander a little ways from camp as soon I possibly could.

I sighed with unabashed relief as I perched on a wide, flat boulder that jutted out into the water and dipped my toes in. Traveling overland by horse with a dozen men was a cacophonous, pungent endeavor and moments of solitude like these were hard to come by.

If I saw another human being in the next ten minutes, I just might scream.

My eyes burned with fatigue as I slid them shut and tipped my head backwards, letting the breeze cool my face. The setting sun taunted me; boasting that night was close at hand, when I knew it would be hours before I could sleep.

I hadn’t slept well the night before and whether my insomnia was due to sleeping on the hard ground or my new bedmate, I wasn’t sure. A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth as I thought of lying in bed with Jamie. The fact that we hadn’t really even had a bed the last two nights only fueled the unquenchable flames of desire within him.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to him in turn. I was, and for more than just his looks.

He was one of those people whose soul was just as beautiful, if not more so, than their outward appearance. There was something about him that quietly undid all the protective barriers I had built around myself since arriving here. They came down without hesitation whenever I was with him.

A small splashing noise brought me out of my thoughts and I opened my eyes, looking for the telltale ripples of a jumping fish.

What I saw instead were two giant, amber eyes staring up at me. They bulged out from a long, flat head, which now began to emerge from the water.

A waterhorse. A kelpie. The Loch Ness Monster. A plesiosaur.

Whatever the hell you wanted to call it, it was within touching distance of my feet.

I could have pulled away, but I didn’t. I sat there frozen as a statue and watched it inch closer to me. The initial shock wearing off, I found I wasn’t afraid of it, but felt a strange sort of camaraderie instead. We were both creatures adrift in a time completely different than our own.

It seemed to hover, almost as if it was waiting for a cue from me. I moved my foot slowly towards it and held it still. The beast moved in kind, brushing against the tips of my toes. It was surprisingly warm, more like a crocodile than a snake in texture.

“Goodbye,” I whispered as a short puff of steam rose from its nostrils and it sank back beneath the water, disappearing from view.

Pulling my feet out of the water and drying them on my hem, I caught sight of movement further up the shore. It was one of Dougal’s men. Peter, I thought his name was. He stood trembling with his eyes fixated on the spot where the creature had just been.

“Are you alright?” I asked, noticing he had dropped the bucket he had brought to fetch water with. I stood and started walking towards him until I realized he was backing away from me, arms held up in defense. “What are you doing?”

He flung himself face first onto the ground at my feet, begging at the top of his lungs, “Have mercy, Lady!”

I quickly scanned the tree line, hoping no one had heard this embarrassing outburst. “Stop it,” I hissed and nudged his shoulder with my foot.

The man jerked as if I had kicked him, reeling backwards and hastily crossing himself before fleeing back into the trees.

I stared after him, dumbfounded.

What in hell was that all about?

“Jamie?” I asked as I crawled under the plaid beside him.

His breath tickled my neck as he buried his nose in my hair, “Aye?”

“Do you believe there’s really a giant beast living in Loch Ness?”

I felt him chuckle as he replied, “I’ll no’ be sayin’ tha’ I dinna a stone’s throw away from the loch itself, aye? I may no’ be as steeped in the auld ways as some, Sassenach, but I’m no’ daft.”

I knew this to be true. Even though Jamie, his uncle Dougal, the lawyer Ned Gowan, and his godfather Murtagh were all well learned, they had a certain measure of reverence for the supernatural folklore of the Highlands. They’d show you that they found such things ridiculous, with scoffs and raised brows, but wouldn’t speak a word against the old-fashioned traditions and stories.

“Why? Ye didna see one, did ye?” Jamie asked in jest, the cheeky grin evident in his voice.

I couldn’t have asked for a better lead in if I’d tried.

“Actually, I did.”

Jamie was silent a moment before he rolled me over to face him. “Ye saw the beast?”

“Umhmm,” I nodded, trying not to laugh at his incredulous expression. “I even touched it.”

“Ye what?”

“I touched it with my foot,” I brushed the toes of my right foot along Jamie’s leg, making him jump.

“Ye didna,” he shook his head in disbelief.

I did laugh then. “Jamie, why would I tell you I saw a supposedly mythological beast if I hadn’t?”

“Oh, aye, I didna mean to say ye were lyin’, Sassenach,” he was quick to add as he mulled the idea over, “‘Tis just tha’ I dinna ken anyone who has seen the beast himself.”

“Well, now you know someone who’s seen it for herself,” I quipped and poked him in the ribs.

“They say ‘tis good luck to see it.” He grinned as he caught hold of my hand, his gaze growing distant, “Wha’ was tha’ auld rhyme Jenny used to sing? ‘I gave my laddie a kiss nigh the Ness an’ now a gift from the beast we’ve been blessed’?”

“You know, that doesn’t really rhyme,” I commented, not able to stop myself from laughing.

“Oh, aye, I ken it doesna rhyme, Sassenach…” He pulled me closer, his lips hovering just above mine. “But ye canna be lettin’ the verse go unheeded, can ye?”

“Mmhmm,” I murmured, tasting the hint of whisky on his lips as I kissed him, “It would be shame to see the beast and not ‘give my laddie a kiss nigh the Ness.’ I’d better make it two, just to be sure.”

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Do you think that bnha boys will ever have or want a gf during there hero course? I mean dont all of them have there goal set as being a hero (aside from mineta) wont they be in a relationship when there goal has been accomplished..I doubt denki tho he seems like someone who would do both?

Omg, such an amazing question! I have actually put some thought into it as well.

From my opinion, it seems like dating, marriage, etc is really rare among heroes. The only heroes we’ve seen to have been married are the Waterhorses (who died) and the Todoroki’s (and we all know how that went…) and the Iida’s (who are run like a company, but the best example of married heroes we have thus far)

For the most part, it seems like being heroes takes intense focus and thus drives away form the thoughts of love and dating. Like as Ochaco who does not want to distract herself from becoming a hero by focusing on her feelings for Izuku. 

It seems almost like it’s looked down on to date and be a hero. (There’s still the issue of quirk marriages as well, which is where I gather this from.)

Therefore, I don’t think it’s likely for anyone to start dating in class 1-a, aside from Izuku and Ochaco who have already been hinted at to be end game. I’m sure the characters have all thought about having an S/O, but unless the right person comes along, I doubt they will actively seek them out.

They all have a more important and time consuming task at hand: the heroics class that was already hard enough to get into and also is very intense on them daily. 

Here’s the Heroic’s class daily schedule. Note that they have an EXTRA hour compared to the other class.

Even after graduation, it would be hard to maintain a relationship. As you become a sidekick and focus on starting your hero career. 

Building your own agency and name takes a lot of time as well. Thus it seems almost like most heroes are either too busy or too concerned with their careers to really even think about a relationship.

Poor babes are all workaholics.

So i found this whilst looking through photos of waterhorse and judy.
I have things to say.

1. Rick and Roger have the same shoes
2. Was this going to be atom heart mother?
3.roger looks really really uncomfortable and pissed of
4. Why does david look like an old english teacher i had once, then he got fired?
5. Nicks like “want some of this?” As always.
6. Ricks hat
7. Rick in general


I’ll just… let everything speak for itself. Ah… I hope @not-poignant will offer me an asylum in case any waterhorses come for my head…?

Also, Gwyn, the hockeyplayer, called me and said that skater Augus is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Also, the hospital called, said that they have someone named Ash, who has almost died from laughter after seeing his brother rapping.

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Pia this is a stupid question but like... Please help me... You and several authors write that a person growls or something and I'm just like... In the same way that predatory cat growls?? Like I just have never heard a human person even do that. Do you have an audio reference for an actual person growling? I get that augus is a predatory waterhorse but I imagine it's different from how a cat would growl. Please and thank you!!!!

It usually just means that a voice is rougher / lower than usual.

A great example is Christian Bale’s standard ‘Batman’ voice (which was parodied excellently by Will Arnett in Lego Batman, and also by Abed in Community, when he plays Batman. He’s literally speaking the entire time in a ‘growly voice.’) The first ten seconds of the first video alone gives you an idea. That sort of deep, rumbling delivery is what another character might deliver as a ‘growl.’ It mostly indicates that the tone is no longer clear and no longer at normal speaking pitch. You might also substitute in ‘roughly’ - but roughly can be used for any kind of dialogue emotionally (also teary, upset, afraid etc.) whereas the growl is specifically indicated to mean anger or frustration, and sometimes fear (i.e. if someone is more likely to get angry when afraid than like…other things).

But basic rule is: ‘growled indicates a person is talking lower than their standard tone and their voice is no longer smooth also they’re kind of angry or determined or fierce or w/e.’ In dialogue it usually only indicates a moment of speech, and not the general person’s voice. For a more general description you might say ‘he had a rough voice, the kind that rumbled even when he wasn’t angry.’ But those people can have ‘growly voice’ too - it just goes lower and even more rumbly than their standard speaking voice, lol.

People will also tend to talk in this voice in the day to day without realising, when they growl ‘NO!’ at a cat or dog doing something wrong (or rumbling ‘get out!’ at a sibling who is pissing you off), but do it in a deeper, rougher voice than usual. Most people have had Dads / teachers / coaches etc. talk like this to them once or twice. Like, congratulations, that’s your growly voice. People can also make these sounds in frustration, with no dialogue, and this is sometimes described as an angry grunt or groan too. If you’ve ever been frustrated enough to just make a deeper noise in your chest without any words attached, that comes close too.

It’s the same when someone says: ‘the character purred.’ They’re not actually purring. It usually means the voice becomes smoother, more deliberately seductive, more ‘unctuous’ (but because most people don’t know what that means, purring is a great mid-level substitute) etc. and is sort of more like, a coded indicator of a very specific kind of delivery. Vs. ‘a literal purr.’

(That being said, sometimes Augus literally just growls. If it says: ‘Augus growled’ without any dialogue before or after it, he’s just pissed and being a predatory waterhorse, lol).

(Like tl;dr none of us are thinking of cats unless we’re writing cat shifters - a growl is something most animals can do, including humans, and a growly voice is something many of us do without even realising).