watergate break in


In the early morning of 17 June 1972, the Washington DC police arrested 5 men who had broken into the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate office building, Bernard Barker (former CIA agent hired by Richard NIxon to carry out a number of break-ins), Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez (another former CIA agent and colleague of Barker), James McCord (former FBI and CIA agent who worked directly for Nixon’s Re-Election organization), and Frank Sturgis.

Within hours after the arrest, the FBI discovered the name of E. Howard Hunt (an operative of Richard Nixon) in the address books of Barker and Martinez, but the White House denied knowledge or any involvement, calling it a “third-rate burglary.”

On 1 August 1972, a $25,000 cashier’s check earmarked for the Nixon re-election campaign was found in the bank account of one of the Watergate burglars. The FBI would later determine that the Committee to Re-Elect the President had paid the burglars thousands of dollars to support their travel and expenses in the months leading up to the break-in.

By late September 1972, the press reported that John Mitchell, while serving as Attorney General, controlled a secret Republican fund used to finance intelligence-gathering against the Democrats. On October 10, the FBI reported the Watergate break-in was part of a massive campaign of political spying and sabotage on behalf of the Nixon re-election committee.

On 7 November 1972, Nixon was re-elected in a landslide. He would resign under threat of impeachment on 9 August 1974.

Courtroom Sketches from Notable Cases

O.J. Simpson during the 1995 trial for the double-murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goodman

Charles Manson during the trial for the murder of Sharon Tate. Manson leaped from the defense table with a pencil in hand, attempting to stab the justice Charles H. Older

John Hinckley hunches over during the trial for the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan

Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of the 1968 assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy

David Berkowitz, the infamous “Son of Sam” serial killer

Mick Jagger testifies during the “Just Another Night” trial

James Earl Ray sits as he learns his conviction of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Barry Bonds was accused repeatedly of lying when he testified under oath that he never knowingly used performance enhancing drugs

Roman Polanski being examined during the trial for raping a 13 year old girl at the home of Jack Nicholson

Michael Jackson during the trial for child molestation in Santa Monica, California

Larry Flynt looks on during the “Hustler Magazine” case at the Supreme Court

The trial for the major political scandal of Watergate following the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters

Timothy J. McVeigh during the trial for the Oklahoma City Bombing

Suge Knight during the trial for murder and attempted murder

Sen. John McCain, a fellow Republican, says he doesn’t like this at all. He says allegations of ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia are reaching Watergate size and scale. I understand what Sen. McCain was saying, but Watergate was different. Watergate was some guys breaking in to a hotel. This is a guy with a hotel breaking in to the White House.
—  Jimmy Kimmel, in Punchlines

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"Watergate speedrun" might be my favorite tag for this yet, tbh.

Wasn’t my original idea, it’s been bouncing around Twitter and Reddit.

But it’s apt, huh? It was a year from the Watergate break-ins to the Saturday Night Massacre, and another year until Nixon actually resigned.

Right now it feels like earth-shaking news about the presidency is hitting every couple of hours.


I wanted to pay homage today to the fall of American Apparel, the calendars they used to sell by the front entrance of 99 Cents Only Stores in the early 2000s, that movie where Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams break the Watergate scandal, AND the general tackiness of Americana all in one outfit.

But this shirt is way too small for me and I can’t move without the fabric moving too, so here are some photos from when this shirt was cooperating for three seconds.

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it seems like the prosecution of Trump has solidified somewhat today. That is very good news for the US and honestly, for all other countries that are affected by what the US does. 

But hold on to your celebration hats just yet. Even if there is a solid case for impeachment, the wheels of justice grind slowly. When problems first started for Nixon, things were still going good for him. He had just been re-elected, winning 49 states and 60% of the popular vote. America had not quite learned yet. See, it still took almost 2 more years to get rid of him. And five times for impeachment to take hold. 

So while this is new special prosecutor is good, don’t be disheartened if it takes more than one call for impeachment to knock this thing down. 

06/1972 - Watergate break-in, WaPo breaks the story which Nixon claims is misleading 

11/1972 - Nixon wins re-election, taking 49 states and 60% of the popular vote 

01/1973 - special Senate committee to investigate Watergate and the cover up (dip), Vietnam peace settlement (surge) 

05/1973 - three resolutions to impeach on war crimes submitted and die in committee 

07/1973 - another call for impeachment, testimony that WH tapes exist 

10/1973 - ACLU calls for impeachment, Nixon fires the special prosecutor and others aka Saturday Night Massacre
11/1973 - 18 ½ min gap in tapes revealed, legal fight over tapes begins
02/1974 - resolution to impeach Nixon passes
03/1974 - DC grand jury indicts many Nixon aides
05/1974 - impeachment hearings begin
07/1974 - SCOTUS rules executive priv doesn’t cover the WH tapes, tapes released, House Judiciary committee returns three articles of impeachment
08/05/1974 - “smoking gun” tape released to the public revealing Nixon had lied throughout
08/09/1974 - Nixon resigns

E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, who lead the Watergate break-in team, were stationed in a Watergate Hotel room while the burglary was underway. A lookout was posted across the street at the Howard Johnson Hotel. During the break-in, they would remain in contact with each other and with the burglars by radio. These Chapstick tubes outfitted with tiny microphones were discovered in Hunt’s White House office safe. (NAID 304967)


June 17th 1972: Watergate break-in

On this day in 1972, five White House operatives were arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington DC. The men were aiming to wiretap the Democrats in preparation for the 1972 presidential election. The incident began the unraveling of the Nixon administration, as its illegal activities were gradually uncovered, due to the work of Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein, their informant known as ‘Deep Throat’ (later revealed to be Associate FBI Director Mark Felt) and Congressional investigations. It was soon discovered the burglars had received money that had been donated to Nixon’s re-election campaign in exchange for their silence. The administration supposedly tried to cover-up its involvement in the 1972 incident, with Nixon trying to fire the special prosecutor assigned to the case and the Attorney General. It was later discovered Nixon taped his conversations in the Oval Office and the Supreme Court ordered he hand the tapes over, which implicated the President in the cover-up and led to his resignation in 1974 to avoid impeachment. Watergate is considered one of the greatest political scandals in history, and its memory lives on today in the way scandals are often suffixed ’-gate’.

•This is an Historically Accurate Transcription starring Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro•
FIDEL: You did what?!
RAUL: It was time, Fidel.
FIDEL: They tried to kill me like 500 times that they ADMIT to!
RAUL: I understand, but you survived. We survived. It’s time for change.
FIDEL: I overthrew an oppressive government supported by the American empire…
RAUL: I know. I know what you accomplished.
FIDEL: A tiny band of guerrilas, barely surviving in the jungles of the Sierra Maestra, subsisting on what we could gain from supportive farmers…
RAUL: I know. You helped build a force out of nothing to…
FIDEL….To realize Jose Marti’s dream! We slept in the mountains, nearly starved to death…do you understand what we sacrificed?
RAUL: YES! I was there! Look, look at this photo:
That’s me. Right there. With you and Che Guevara. I WAS THERE. I was one of the military leaders. I introduced you to Che and pushed you towards Communism! If you just stopped giving one of your seven-hour-long speeches, you would have noticed.
FIDEL: Well this is unacceptable. Where’s Che?
RAUL: He’s dead. You missed that, too.
FIDEL: Where’s Camilo Cienfuegos?
RAUL: Dead.
FIDEL: Celia Sanchez?
RAUL: Dead. They all died. It’s just you and me. We’re basically the last revolutionaries left. We might as well be George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
FIDEL: I guess we had good genes, huh? I guess it might be time to turn it over to the next generation of Latin American leader.
RAUL: Exactly!
FIDEL: Like Hugo Chavez and…
RAUL: Oh. No. No, Fidel, do you not have a television?
FIDEL: I do. But there is nothing but videos of my old speeches and super-duper-minor-league baseball on.
RAUL: Yeah…that’s why we need to normalize relations with the United States. Chavez is dead, too. And Miami has a Major League Baseball team that we could probably easily move to Havana.
FIDEL: I wonder why my dear friend Nelson Mandela didn’t tell me all of this…uh-oh…is he…
RAUL: Yep…dead. That’s how I met Obama.
FIDEL: Damn. Okay…fine…I’ve been wanting to join the Dollar Shave Club anyway.
RAUL: Good! I was worried that you’d never come around!
FIDEL: You did make sure to secure amnesty from the assassinations of JFK and RFK, the Watergate break-in, Jimmy Carter’s election, Global Warming, the murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., the USS Cole bombing, 9/11, and the fact that the Cuban Missile Crisis actually never ended, right?
RAUL: What? Amnesty for who?
FIDEL: Us! We did all of that.
RAUL: Shit! You made sure to set aside a stash of money and some place for us to escape to, right?
FIDEL: You mean our own warm, tropical island with pristine beaches and awesome retro cars which was free of almost all Americans other than occasional visits from Jay-Z and Beyonce?
RAUL: Yes.
RAUL: You probably should have stayed in charge.