Depending on the elements in our charts, we tend to look at the world from a different perspective entirely.

Fire: Reacts with impulse and bold ideas, but may not look at the practicalities or impact on others, a bit like Air, but less cerebral and more from instinct and a feeling of fire in their bellies.

Earth: Looks at things practically, which may hinder innovation and inspiration at times. How can a thought or concept be applied with what I have here and now?

Air: Interesting ideas and concepts, weird and wonderful, often innovative but not necessarily practical or thoughtful of the reaction and impact on others.

Water: Often looks at things in a more compassionate and empathic manner. Creative, but understands that no one person is an island.

  • me: *starting sea witchery*
  • me: *do a lot of research about it*
  • me: *still can't understand ANYTHING after one week*
  • me:
  • me: *put a white dress, light all the candles, put seashells everywhere* FUCK THAT SHIT HERE IS SOME SEA WITCHERY