What the Fuck Fethry?

Hey remember how we all thought it was weird how in Arthur he has a pet dog? Well I am reading the Donald Duck comics and, holy shit, there is some crazy meta-shit going on that is questioning my existentialism. Basically this issue is Donald’s stoner beatnik cousin Fethry wants to go duck hunting.

Not only that, but even the “real” ducks are sentient and can talk too.

“Tundra Swan Portrait”, 8"x10" Oil

Capturing the subtle colors and luminescence of white plumage has always been quite a challenge for me, and were a real struggle at times when I painted only in acrylics. I can say that art panels can soar quite well if thrown in a similar manner as a Frisbee (canvasses are somewhat less aerodynamic when throwing a fit). Regardless, working in oils has opened up new possibilities for me and I really enjoyed working on this piece. Though it is only really visible in person, I used careful stroke direction and painted mostly directly, and the brush strokes create the impression of physical feathers when seen at an angle. Experienced oil painters may not find this novel, but as someone that is fresh to the medium, it’s very exciting and new for me!