study moods 2.0

part one | inspired by this post

at least we can suffer together

  • empty mugs cluttering your desk, the one closest you still has a few dregs of cold black coffee, you’re waiting for your mom to leave so you can brew another cup
  • sitting at your desk, wearing an old t-shirt and comfy shorts
  • commiserating with your sister about how much work you each have, you muttering complaints about your teachers and her pausing every once in a while to ask for help with a math problem
  • you take turns playing music, halfheartedly arguing over who gets to use the speaker (and complaining when somebody turns it off in the middle of a song so they can play their music)
  • defending each other when it’s three in the morning and your mom comes in asking why the light is still on
  • groaning and putting a pillow over your head when you’re finally going to sleep but your sister is playing music to keep her awake
  • “why the fuck do you have an alarm set for 2:30 am”
  • “i’m going to get more water want me to refill your bottle?”

back on track

  • getting home after not sleeping enough for ages, crawling into bed, and taking a six hour nap
  • waking up feeling a thousand times better even though you still have seventeen thousand assignments to catch up on
  • taking a quick shower, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and putting on clean clothes before sitting down to eat a healthy meal for the first time in days
  • taking your cup of coffee to your room, plopping down on the floor and spreading out all of your papers around you so you can go through and organize them
  • making a list of everything you have to get done as you wait for the coffee to kick in, tidying your room so it’s not as cluttered and stressful and putting on some nice classical music (bonus points if it’s the four seasons recomposed by max richter)
  • working through the night, getting up every once in a while to stretch your legs and grab a glass of water
  • finishing up everything you have to do and watching the sun rise as you take a few minutes to relax before getting up to start your day, feeling recharged and ready to go

go to your happy place (inspired by @bluestockingsnyc)

  • hanging out at your local bookstore or cafe after your shift is finished because you don’t want to walk home yet
  • you’re settled in at the corner table with the rickety leg that nobody wants to sit at, or maybe you’re just crosslegged on the floor if it’s a busy day and all of the tables are taken
  • there’s no need to put your earbuds in, this place always has the best playlists on, whether they’re sad gay love songs in french or that one indie artist you’ve forgotten the name of but really want to hear more of
  • a continuous stream of free coffee. perks of being a volunteer. (even if you’re not a volunteer, refills are cheap and the coffee is good enough to be worth it.)
  • there’s no wifi, but at least that keeps you from being distracted by the internet, and you have plenty of paper assignments to work on anyways
  • need a textbook? just grab it off the shelf. you’re not going to get in trouble for reading it and not buying it, as long as you don’t spill coffee all over the front cover. seriously, just take pictures of the pages you need. nobody’s judging you. textbooks are expensive.

Put away your scale and celebrate your Non-Scale Victories!

That’s right! No Weigh May is all about shifting focus back onto you and your journey. Setting goals and getting goals. Improving your fitness, eating a little cleaner and remembering to practice some self-love!

I know I sometimes get caught up in the numbers on the scale even though my biggest progress has always come from how I feel, how my body looks and what I can achieve in the gym. 

So I decided that this May I’m not going to use my scale AT ALL! I encourage you to join me! Non-Scale Goals and Victories are MUCH more fulfilling and satisfying. And the best part is they can be anything!

  • A new personal best in the gym
  • Running further
  • Bending farther
  • Making healthy choices
  • Notching your belt a little tighter
  • Only drinking water
  • Finishing a workout program
  • Taking daily walks
  • Designated ME time (bubble bath, dancing in your kitchen (my fav), laying out in the sun)

The Breakdown!

Each week will have a different focus with 5 challenges or activities to complete. Do one, do three, do them all! It’s up to you!
There will also be daily questions you can choose to answer based on the theme of the week!

Make a post and share your experience with us! Use the tag - nwm 2015
Tell us about your week and your NSVs! Celebrate your accomplishments!

Here’s what the month will look like:

To get you started:

May 1st: Oh hey! Introduce yourself!
Who are you? Why’d you start your blog? What has your journey been like so far? What do you hope to get out of No Weigh May? 

May 2nd: Befores
Choose your stats and measures:

  • Weight (If you are part of WeightWatchers or a similar program, weigh in as usual during your meeting or check-in but stay off the scale at home!) 
    • If you do choose to weigh yourself try to only do it on the Before and After days but remember other measures are going to be a more complete picture of your progress!
  • Pictures (Great tool for comparison!)
    • Can be used for form check improvements, yoga pose progress, or body shape changes
  • Measurements
    • Waist
    • Hips
    • Arms
    • Thighs
    • Neck
  • Fitness Goals
    • Compare # of pushups/sit-ups/seconds of planking, etc.
    • PRs
    • Running time
    • # of workouts a week
    • Steps per day

Choose the stats that mean the most to you! 

The weekly themed posts will go up every Sunday! Keep your eyes open!

How to Stay in Touch:

  • Follow me for the Weekly Posts! HI! I’m dateswithweights
  • Track and use the tag: nwm 2015
  • Message me! Message others! Make friends! Support each other!! Hangout in the nwm 2015 tag and see how everyone is doing! Spread the follow love and enjoy the journey!
  • Reblog this! Spread the news! I’m posting this with enough time to get pumped and prepped! WOO!!!

IF You want an extra challenge that I plan on doing May and June then click here!