The Founding Fathers in a Water Fight
  • George Washington:This super tall motherf*cker would dominate everything, and everyone.He's athletic as hell, so you better watch out.He's gonna douse you.
  • Chance of beating you:1000000%
  • Weapon of choice:Hose
  • John Adams:"His Rotundity". Wouldn't be able to get very far, but he'll be loud. Very loud. It's best if you just don't go near him. Sometimes he pairs up with his wife Abigail, and she'll beat your puny ass.
  • Chance of beating you:30%
  • Weapon of Choice:Water balloons
  • Thomas Jefferson:He'd totally find a way to ambush you via horse. He's outdoorsy and fast, so proceed with caution. Most likely to get attacked by both Adams and Washington. After the game, he'll probably write something nasty about you anonymously.
  • However, he's got bad aim, so you might be able to beat him.
  • Chance of beating you:60%
  • Weapon of choice:Bucket
  • Alexander Hamilton:He's all talk, and he'll keep threatening you. He's got a decent aim, but once his clothes get wet, you've already won. He's also very competitive.
  • Chance of beating you:40%
  • Weapon of choice:Water pistol(s)
  • Benjamin Franklin:He may be old, but don't underestimate him. This old man will speed around in his motorized wheel chair with some high-tech über gun that'll get you so fast you can't even say "french girls".
  • Chance of beating you:80%
  • Weapon of choice:Nerf Super Soaker, or something like that.
  • James Madison:Like Hamilton, he hates getting wet. He'll probably get pneumonia by the end of the game, he's a fragile guy. Also, he doesn't move around- but he's got a great weapon. Madison has a good chance of getting you before you get him. He almost beat Washington.
  • Chance of beating you:50%
  • Weapon of choice:Water cannon
  • Aaron Burr:Aaron doesn't deal with this sh*t, he sits back and watches the whole spectacle.If you do get him on your team however, he'll probably betray you at some point.
  • If you get him wet, he'll try to duel you.
  • Chance of beating you:20%
  • Weapon:nothing

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