The Founding Fathers in a Water Fight
  • George Washington: This super tall motherf*cker would dominate everything, and everyone.He's athletic as hell, so you better watch out.He's gonna douse you.
  • Chance of beating you: 1000000%
  • Weapon of choice: Hose
  • John Adams: "His Rotundity". Wouldn't be able to get very far, but he'll be loud. Very loud. It's best if you just don't go near him. Sometimes he pairs up with his wife Abigail, and she'll beat your puny ass.
  • Chance of beating you: 30%
  • Weapon of Choice: Water balloons
  • Thomas Jefferson: He'd totally find a way to ambush you via horse. He's outdoorsy and fast, so proceed with caution. Most likely to get attacked by both Adams and Washington. After the game, he'll probably write something nasty about you anonymously.
  • However, he's got bad aim, so you might be able to beat him.
  • Chance of beating you: 60%
  • Weapon of choice: Bucket
  • Alexander Hamilton: He's all talk, and he'll keep threatening you. He's got a decent aim, but once his clothes get wet, you've already won. He's also very competitive.
  • Chance of beating you: 40%
  • Weapon of choice: Water pistol(s)
  • Benjamin Franklin: He may be old, but don't underestimate him. This old man will speed around in his motorized wheel chair with some high-tech über gun that'll get you so fast you can't even say "french girls".
  • Chance of beating you: 80%
  • Weapon of choice: Nerf Super Soaker, or something like that.
  • James Madison: Like Hamilton, he hates getting wet. He'll probably get pneumonia by the end of the game, he's a fragile guy. Also, he doesn't move around- but he's got a great weapon. Madison has a good chance of getting you before you get him. He almost beat Washington.
  • Chance of beating you: 50%
  • Weapon of choice: Water cannon
  • Aaron Burr: Aaron doesn't deal with this sh*t, he sits back and watches the whole spectacle.If you do get him on your team however, he'll probably betray you at some point.
  • If you get him wet, he'll try to duel you.
  • Chance of beating you: 20%
  • Weapon: nothing
swimming alone with jungkook

- night swimming 100% bc jk wants to be alone with you
- ok so this would be a total competition
- you guys would be doing laps like crazy
- him constantly shouting, “bet!” while being dunked back into the water by you
- taking videos of each other’s “lack” of diving skills on snapchat and making fun of each other
- doing flips underwater together while meeting underwater for a short kiss
- cheeky smiles in the pool
- you saying you’re done but jungkook isn’t so he backhugs you and pulls screaming you back in
- you give him an “angry” look that he calls the cutest thing ever
- splashing water at him
- becomes a waterfight
- playing marco polo with just the two of you in a big swimming pool
- him laughing that cute little laugh bc you can’t find him when he’s right behind you
- you eventually grabbing onto his leg while he tries to escape
- repeating you want to leave again but him begging you to get into the hot tub with him
- bc he’s tired and has a backache and just wants to be with you
- you melting for his puppy dog eyes before splashing more water at him and running out into the hot tub, squealing
- him getting out of the pool slowly, looking mischievous before getting getting the hose on the floor and spraying you with the cold water
- you screaming playfully as you run out of the hot tub, telling him to stop
- him putting the hose done saying he’s done and that, “i’m sorry, babe! i won’t do it again. come back into the hot tub with me pleaseeeee.”
- you giving into his bunny smile as he sees you walking back.
- you putting one foot in slowly, watching him to see his actions, before putting the other in
- he smirks before grabbing you and settling you in between his legs, your back against his bare chest
- he nuzzles his head into your neck, planting a soft kiss on the back of your neck
- you feel his breath against your hairs and feel his warm smile nuzzle into you once more
- you both sigh as you close your eyes, relaxed
- he has his arms wrapped around your waist as whispers, “i love you…”
“but i dive better.”


Happy Thai New Year!! 

Songkran celebrates the new year with a two-day long international waterfight! If you step outside in thailand today and tomorrow, you are almost guaranteed to get wet! No one is safe from being blessed by the water! :D

The water throwing tradition originates from the tradition of pouring water over the hands of elders. On new years, people return home to their parents and grandparents and wash their hands a sign of gratitude. It’s symbolic of cleaning away any bad deeds as well as any bad luck that might otherwise follow them into the new year. So please do not forget to give thanks to your elders and appreciate them while they still have an active presence in your lives <3 

 During present day Songkran, that tradition has grown! Now, everyone goes outside (or into the back of a pick-up truck!) with water bottles, water guns, water filled basins, etc–to bless their fellow country man and ensure that no one enters into the new year with any bad luck clinging to their clothes..! 

Mod Ciel’s Dumb Headcanons #1

Since it’s almost 1 AM here… have some sleepy drabbles.

Sebaciel beach dates edition! (Modern!AU)

-Ciel needing really high SPF sunblock to avoid getting sunburn

-Sebastian putting on a little sunblock to seem normal but not really needing it

-Ciel letting Sebastian put the sunblock on him, giving the occasional cute little noise or shuddering

-Waterfights because Ciel thought it would be funny to make Sebastian lean in for a kiss, then surprise him with a splash of cold salt water

-Sebastian lets him win to avoid getting slapped

-Ciel also hides under his beach umbrella and eats overpriced ice cream from the ice cream trucks

-Ciel and Sebastian just kind of chilling in the water, floating on their backs in comfortable silence

-This doesn’t last long as Ciel feels he is doing nothing productive and gets quite bored

-Fun while it lasted though

-Ciel trying not to gawk as Sebastian gets out of the water in his swimming trunks, the water droplets on his skin glistening in the sun and rolling down his wonderfully defined abs… damn sexy demon

-Ciel trying not to get his eyepatch wet while in the water

-It is a very daunting task

-But Sebastian is there as a splash-shield, so no worries

-Sebastian doesn’t like it that much though

-Ciel needing to bathe when he gets home to clean off all the salt, and Sebastian joining him ;)

silver-lining-of-a-spotless-mind  asked:

What did you do to break so many bones?

Believe it or not (I don’t, I’m the laziest person on earth) I did a shit load of different sports growing up, inside and outside of school. Most of the injuries came from them, though the broken pinky was from having a waterfight in the backyard with my bro when we were little.

The most interesting break (in my opinion), the fractured-in-3-places-spine, was from something ridiculous though. I was in year 10 at school and we had gymnastics for PE, and one of the things we were doing was to jump off a mini trampoline, do a somersault and land on a huge blue mat. And I’d done it a few times, no problem except I was so fucking clumsy I barely managed the somersault, but then suddenly I try it again and before I hit the mat I’m screaming in pain.

Apparently I sounded like a dying cow, which was reassuring.

Anyway they call my mum and are like “your daughter’s had an accident, we’ve called an ambulance, you should come see her” and mum, being the tired mother of two kids who basically injured themselves on a weekly basis, replied “oh she’s just winded herself and is overreacting”. Which I realise is not all that relevant to your question but I always find that bit funny.

Because it turned out I’d fractured three vertebrae in my spine, and when the docs were all like “how did she fuck up her back so bad from a fucking somersault” they took more scans and x-rays and shit and we found out I’m missing a piece of bone in my lower spine that holds one of the vertebrae in place. So it slides out 9mm more than it’s supposed to. Like, every time I move.

But I got two weeks off school and the other students bought me not one but two teddies, so. It worked out well in the end.