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Bearcam season! Bears in the rivers in Katmai National Park hunting salmon as they head upstream.


tobyharriman One of my favorites drives up here in Alaska is the trip from Anchorage to Valdez. It’s a beautiful six-hour drive that you can turn into a full day trip thanks to numerous stops along the way featuring mountains, wildlife and glaciers in just about every direction you look. One notable spot is in Thompson Pass known as the Worthington Glacier. It is a 5,774-acre valley glacier and is definitely worth a stop.
Thanks @avisalaska for helping make this road trip possible! 

Comprised of 4 million acres in southwest Alaska, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is one of the nation’s most remote national parks. Winter conditions add more challenges to those wanting to explore this gorgeous and diverse landscape, but as you can see, the backcountry scenes are worth the cold. Photo of Tanalian Falls by James Walton, National Park Service.


Glacier Bay, Alaska


The true order of going, or being led by another, to the things of love, is to begin from the beauties of earth and mount upwards for the sake of that other beauty … and at last know what the essence of beauty is.

- Plato


Misty Fjords National Monument

This is where I spent the month of September. Jon & I both took jobs with a local tour company (all their college students left for the summer, and they needed people Fast), and I worked on the docks and out on two large catamarans that took ~100 people at a time into the Misty Fjords. They’re gorgeous, glacially-carved steep-walled valleys full of gushing rain-fed waterfalls, nesting gulls hundreds of feet up the sides of sheer cliffs, clumps of harbor seals sunning themselves out on sand spits, and all the peace and quiet you could imagine.

It was a busy, rewarding, exhausting, and beautiful month.