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Columbia River Gorge 

On my way north from Mt. Hood National Forest I made it a point to stop in Hood River and continue East toward Portland along the Columbia River Gorge National Recreation area. The Historic Columbia River Highway passes through a highly concentrated area of impressively picturesque waterfalls. The largest and most well know can be seen right off of the highway, or you can choose to take several combinations of (pretty challenging) trails to meander through the mountainside find the lesser visited sites. It was hard to capture the true beauty of some of these falls due to the sunlight, mist, or their vertical height, but the scenery was incredibly memorable nonetheless.

My itinerary for the visit was as follows:

  • Hiked a 3mi loop from Horsetail Fails to Ponytail Falls and Lower Oneonta Falls
  • Stayed a night at Ainsworth State Park where I got a campsite with full hookup and hot showers for $24.00 
  • Hiked a 5mi loop from Multnomah Falls to Wiesendanger Falls, Fairy Falls, and Wahkeena Falls.
  • Ate some lunch at Latourell Falls
  • Stopped at the Vista House viewpoint

Plitvice National Park - Croatia 

Plitvice is one of the oldest national park in southeast Europe, and the largest in Croatia. Founded in 1949, it was added to the UNESCO world heritage register in 1979. Located near Croatia’s border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the park is most famous for its cascading lakes. There are 16 lakes, that are all interconnected, flowing into one another. They are formed by water run off from the nearby mountains, and are known for their distinctive colours, ranging between green, grey, and bright blue. The colours change depending on the amount of minerals and organisms in the water. 

The national park is one of the last places in Europe where species of wild bears and wolves can be found. In total, there are 50 species of mammal that can be spotted in the park, as well as 321 different species of butterfly. 


Menchun Falls, Cameroon