waterfall faucet

 Can u write a one shot about Arizona having to pee really bad and Callie teasing her about it?

Well, I wasn’t expecting this ask but this is the first thing that came to mind aha. Some of this is probably inaccurate when it comes to medicine but oh whale. 

“Shut up,” Arizona hissed. She rolled her neck trying to concentrate on the tiny human on her table. 

 Callie held her hands up, a drill in one hand and the other spattered with blood. “I didn’t say anything.” 

 Continuing to chuckle, Callie got back to work. Her and Arizona were working in sync, their chemistry on fire, their silent communication perfect as they worked to help this child survive after a near fatal car crash. 

 The case was unexpected, and Arizona didn’t have to to fully prepare before going into surgery. 

 Tapping her foot, Arizona took a deep breath and took a step back. She thought of the desert, the driest of lands, a muffin that was left unconcealed for too long. 

 But none of that was enough to stop the urge to use the restroom from leaving her body. “This. Is not. Funny!” she growled going back to work. 

 The drill sounded in the OR, Arizona chancing a glance to look at her ex-wife–who was visiting the hospital while Sofia was on summer break–and exhaled in annoyance. 

 When things were silent, the only sound the squish and slop of organs being touched, Callie spoke. “You’re just jealous because I can stand in an OR for over seven hours without taking a pee break.” 

 Arizona felt the urge overwhelm her and she carefully checked the tiny human’s injuries before barking at a nearby resident. “Deluca, close this patient up.” she bit her lip when Callie quietly laughed some more and rushed out of the OR. 

 “Think of waterfalls! A faucet dripping!” 

 Laughing to herself, Callie looked around and saw a few heads shaking her way. “What?” 

 “You’re evil.” Andrew couldn’t help but smirk. 

 “Nah, I’m just messing with her.” and boy, she had to admit she missed their playful banter. 

MY Hoodoo Sun-Heating and Magic Working Method

Candle/Incense Burning Alternative for Rootwork

Writing this up for my friends on here, especially the ones who ain’t allowed to burn candles or incense in their houses, or burn anything PERIOD.

In the tradition of rootwork and hoodoo of the African Diaspora, one of many understandings for the flame of the candle or burning incense is that it is used to ‘heat up’ or provide mobility for a magic working, and the smoke is used to carry the request over to the spirits who can assist with the manifestation.

However, there are other ways to do it without the use of fire and smoke. There’s already a ton of posts floating around witchblr on using the power of the sun/moon/celestial bodies for magic working. 

Here is my particular method, in my particular style of conjure that I’d thought I’d share.

Items Needed:

  • A (written) copy of the spell’s objective or sigil representing the spell.
  • The seal/sign of the CONSENTING spirit involved in the working.
    If you hadn’t already, make sure to use a divination tool to assure that the entity whose symbol/picture you choose to use in combination with your magic working has given you an affirmative sign that they are willing to assist with your magical objective.
    In the tradition of conjure, the will of the spirit is always given the utmost attention.
    If you intend to combine Western European magical methods, you can also use the colored symbols of the planetary force you want to include in the working, or even pictures of Saints if you work with Catholic-based magic.
  • A clear container (ie. glass, plastic) that has been consecrated or cleansed and cleared (using holy water).
    Another method of cleansing is rinsing the container in a spring or natural body of CLEAN, running water (ie. waterfalls, NOT faucets).
    If you can’t find these things, holy water can be bought at a Cathedral, botannica, or even ordered online.
    Glass is usually preferred, but once the container has been ‘cleansed’, it should be okay for the spirit involved or the power of the working.
    You should use divination to see if it should be cleansed multiple times.
    It is possible that preparation can take hours or days until the container is suitable!
  • Time and patience!


  1. Put your written objective or sigil in your cleansed glass/plastic container.
  2. Add in any extras, such as symbol of the spiritual force you intend to work, or any additional herbs/magical concoctions.
  3. Place in a sunny area where the container will not be disturbed.
  4. Divine and speak to the magical work nightly, attending to any needs it may have. “Work with spirit every step of the way!”
  5. Watch your working successfully manifest. 

If you feel your magical objective is significantly important,
the effort put into exhaustive preparations should not be an issue
(especially if you want ideal results!)

It is good to keep a collection of pre-cleansed containers on hand in case of last-minute magic workings that cannot afford lengthy preparations.
The sooner you start preparing these, the better.

Most work is pre-emptive!

Praemonitus praemunitis - Forewarned is forearmed!

Sway My Way (Love is like a good pair of underwear)

Hi guys! First time writing for this guilty pleasure ship of mine.

I’ve been wanting to write NeuYako smut for a very long time and what prompted this oneshot was my realization that I’d never read a fic where Yako was the one taking initiative. So lo and behold, I have come bearing gifts of porn!

Pairing: Neuro x Yako

Rating: Mature

Summary: Yako has many passions: food, clothes, lingerie, a puzzle-eating demon. What Neuro is about to find out is just how passionate his slave can get when dealing with something she loves.

You can also read it on: Fanfiction | AO3

What heat!

Yako had never experienced such a blazing day, even in the several times she had been to Okinawa throughout her years as a private detective. Today, even though it was night time already, the air was positively stifling and not even the ocean breeze brought much comfort.

Lucky for her, as thanks for solving a huge case which involved no less than 7 murders, 2 kidnappings and one busted yakuza clan, the prefecture had offered her and her assistant a free night’s stay at a pretty high-class hotel by the seaside.

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