waterfall braid

Each house's favourite: hairstyle
  • Gryffindor: ponytail – practical, cute, dynamic
  • Hufflepuff: braided crown – pretty, fairytale spirit, requires patience
  • Ravenclaw: waterfall braid – sophisticated, artistic, free
  • Slytherin: bun – classic, elegant, customizable

Half-assed waterfall braid to show the Electric Lava peeking through. 

 Most days, I hate that it requires 1500 hours and some thousands of dollars to receive cosmetology certification. I also hate that there are no schools for such that are near me with hours past a regular 9-5 job. My passions conflict. I wish proof of ability meant more than a piece of paper.

On another note, thank you for all the purple love yesterday. <3 I’m going to go try curling it today, so maybe there will be pictures of that soon. 

Manic Panic Deep Purple Dream
Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink
Manic Panic Electric Lava


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Waterfall Braid Tutorial

Create a center part (since this hairstyle looks more even that way) and French braid from the right side of the part to your temple. Then, holding the three strands, continue French braiding but drop the outermost section of the braid that you would normally cross over (it’s every piece that crosses over to the right if you’re braiding the right side, and the left piece when you’re working on the left side), letting it fall, thus creating the waterfall effect.