Fanart of Opal from Steven Universe !

I hope you like it  !

I made this drawing with watercolors and ink
Opal Comes From Steven Universe
You don’t have the right to use this drawing in any ways, thanks



Cover illustration for a magazine called “Metro Guide” being distributed thought metro stations in Tokyo from September 2017.
Number of copies: around 1 000 000.

This edition is autumn themed so I tried to make my illustration fit the contents with the colors and atmosphere. I used the Jindaiji temple and the shops that surround it as an inspiration for the setting.


* Lines: Mitsu-bishi HI UNI F to 6B grade pencils
* Paper: White Watson 300g/m watercolor paper
* Colors: my custom 48 colors set and 48 colors Schmincek set.

* 紙: ミューズ ホワイトワトソン 300g
* 下描き: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
* 着色: 48色のシュミンケ水彩セット

Just wanted to share this watercolor illustration that will be used as a book cover for the paperback version of 「江の島ねこもり食堂」(Enoshima Nekomori Syokudo). This is a novel published in Japan. 

You can see how I painted this in a video I made:

Technical stuff: 

  • Paper: HOLBEIN Waterford White 300g/m cold press cotton paper 
  • Sketch: Procreate / iPad PRO 
  • Line: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni Pencils 
  • Colors: my main 48 colour Schmincke set

And this is how the image works as the part of the actual cover (I received the sample book today):


Wet on Dry Techniques by kelogsloops


“Tokyo at Night” is DONE!

A series of ten watercolor illustrations portraying night Tokyo streets that I started painting in 2017. Painting in between other projects and commissions it took me more than a year to finish this project.

Instead of going for the obvious - cool looking, new built high rise offices I wanted to depict the night scenes of Tokyo that are not so widely seen - back streets, empty alleys, tall buildings and empty parking lots. Mostly brightly lit (even the sky is never just black) with no people, those places have a weird eerie atmosphere that I wanted to recreate.

We walk a lot with Kana - especially in the late evenings when it’s cooler and we finished the day’s work. I took a lot of reference photos of interesting night scenes when we were still living in Tokyo’s Waseda and used them to make this series of paintings.

This series follows a path from Kudanshita to Waseda through Kagurazaka.

And here are all the spots on a Google Map if you want to go and explore by yourself:

This series is accompanied by making-of videos available on my YouTube channel (HERE) showing the painting process and the tools I used.

Technical details:
* Paper: HOLBEIN Waterford natural 300g/m cotton paper
* Sketch: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil grade HB
* Line: COPIC Multiliner SP 0.5mm
* Colors: my main Schmincke set (see the tools section)

Additionally, I used the airbrush in some of the later pieces to get some additional depth and shadows. I’m showing more about this technique in the making-of videos.

All the illustrations from this series are available as prints on my Society6 store in multiple sizes and with some additional options (frames, printing on canvas etc.).

Temple park in Nara (Starbucks mints watercolors set)

I made this picture in part for the purpose of testing a new, small watercolors set I made recently.

I wanted to make a really portable watercolors set that would fit in a small pocket of my bag for some time now. I didn’t need so many colors - just few should be fine for coloring simple sketches outside. I tried putting Schmincke watercolor half-pans into an empty Starbuck after-coffee mints tin can and voila! Six of them were a perfect fit!

To prevent the half-pans from moving around (even though they fit really snugly) and falling out from the box I used magnets and strong double-sided tape to stick them to the underside of each plastic pan.

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