watercolour textures


Reflections on wet pavements. The city itself is a natural watercolourist! It’s been a long rainy day at the library, and although I feel frustrated with myself and my work right now, it was worth rolling up just for this.
2016, Photo Diary, April 11.

anonymous asked:

Hey Ami, so I'm not sure if you were already asked this, but how do you incorporate the watercolour texture into your drawings? I know you said that you got them from cgarofani, but how do you go about manipulating the textures into what you're colouring?

You take the texture you want and copy paste it into the file you’re working on! Position the layer with the texture over what you want (for me, I put it over hair. Make sure the texture layer is right on top of the layer with color), resize/rotate until you like where it is and select “Clipping Group” so it only covers hair. I use Paint Tool SAI but I’m sure photoshop and etc. have similar ways to clip the layer over another. I desaturate the texture till it’s gray (black/white), and set a layer mode for the texture layer. In SAI, I use “Shade” or “Lumi and Shade” (I have to darken colored layer though if I use Lumi/Shade), but for subtle effects you can use Overlay or anything really. Just try all the layers LOL
And then I change opacity!!