2. Altantic City, New Jersey - Roller Coaster - Ferris Wheel
  3. Broadway, New York - Five O'Clock Revised
  4. Broadway, New York
  5. George Washington Bridge - 2014
  6. Hey Taxi - New York City Midtown Rain
  7. Grand Central 

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Ever splashed yourself with coffee or sat a dripping cup down on a white tablecloth? Then you’re well aware of the beverage’s staining powers. But where some see a ruined shirt, others have found a canvas.

For artist Maria Aristidou, it all started with a latte. “I was working on another commission using watercolors, when all the sudden, I spilled all over the drawing,” she says.

Rather than trying to wipe up the mess, she took a moment to look. “The accidental spill, the shade of coffee, and how it got absorbed in the paper fascinated me.”

Since then, she’s continued painting entire images out of coffee. Aristidou feels that she has more control painting with coffee than, say, with a brown watercolor paint.

Artists Transform Coffee Spills Into Masterpieces

Photo credit: Courtesy of Maria Aristidou

Cole from Dragon Age:Inquisition

Cole: How do you get the hair on your face?
Blackwall: Look, ask Varric. He seems to have adopted you.
Cole: He doesn’t have hair on his face. Is it a mask?
Blackwall: No it’s a beard. Look, if you were any other lad your age I’d tell that one day you’ll probably grow one too, except I don’t know if spirits that become boys get beards.
Cole: I could try.
Blackwall: Right. You go do that then. Good luck. Have fun.

Awwww, I love him so much~


Whimsical Flower & Fashion Hybrid Illustrations by Limzy 

Malaysian visual artist Lim Zhi Wei, also known as Limzy, composes stunning whimsical fashion illustrations, which use meticulously placed flowers and petals as silhouettes for beautiful couture gowns. Most of her work involves creating installations or sketches with the aid of flowers and ordinary materials for a beautiful final product. Although the young artist mainly produces fashion and flower sketches on paper, she also makes use of the beautiful natural medium to create images of insects, food and other adorable sceneries. We can’t help but notice that  Limzy’s glamour sketches and technique remind us of illustrator Gretchen Röehrs’ fashion food-based creations. 



  1. Grumpy Watercolor Cat 
  2. Hummingbird Watercolor
  3. Giraffe Baby
  4. Flamingo
  5. Blue Bird Indigo Bunting
  6. Zebra Watercolor Rainbow Painting | Ode to Fruit Stripes

Also available as canvas prints, T-shirts, All over print shirts, Phone cases, Throw pillows, Tapestries and More!

the second doodle - my DA:I Team “We’ll fuck u up. eventually”=D

from left to right - 

Rannveig (rogue Adaar, yesterday i found out that i might be forced to play her anew ‘cause i’ve missed Sera’s romance trigger too many levels ago*facepalm*)

Runi (mage Lavellan, my first and most beloved Inquisitor)

and the last one, Ragn, warrior Adaar is to busy romancing Dorian to participate in this epic portrait) His campaign was the most difficult for me, I hate playing as tank, it’s basically just running screaming and blindly swinging my sword  into enemies ranks((( so embarassing