watercolors black gel pen

This has been done for a few months now, but I really like how it came out.  I have been dabbling more in painting with inks instead of my usual watercolors and/or markers and pencils, and just using straight up inks, and it’s really challenging and fun.  I was in the dead middle of a YYH runthrough at the time so I thought “why not make a card set?”  And I started it, but this is the only one that’s finished so far.  The others have their bg washes and sketches, but nothign else LOL, cuz I’m terrible.

Done with copic multiliners, white/black gel pens, white gouache, colored india inks, watercolors (used on his skintone cuz my inks wouldn’t go light enough with what I had)

Process for Matrix Series - Youngjae

NOT A HOW-TO - Just how I art for those who were curious :)
Materials Used:
→ Sketchbook (no brand) gifted by @kyuhyun-ie
→ Prismacolor 4H graphite pencil
→ 0.5mm mechanical pencil
→ Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolors
→ Sakura Gelly Roll white gel pen
→ Sanford Uni-Ball black ink pen