Yuri!!! on Ice is a treasure in these dark times. The expectation traveling would inspire me to create great art was crushing due to the trauma I faced. This is the second full piece I’ve painted on my volition since then. It would be dramatic to say the anime single handedly pulled me out of depression, a lot of effort has been put into stabilization from myself and close friends. But I still enjoy a good Victuri.

It’s nine days late but I finally completed my drawing for Yuri’s birthday; I thought it’d be cool to have Phichit and Yurio with him in this one because before episode 9 confirmed that all three of them would be in the GPF, I thought ‘Hmm it’d be cool of they all hung out at the finals’

Now episode 10 exists, I can’t believe it still and I can’t wait to see what the last two episodes have got to show us


i love books and autumn <3 

here again  a progress video and i also animated the watercolor illustation a bit :)



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I tried watercolors again after 6-7 years. It was hard mixing skin tones ;A; First 2 drawings I did last night and today. ^^
And last one is a compilation of my Yoosung drawings in 1. Watercolors 2. Colored pencils 3. Markers <3 I love love him.
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House with garden

watercolors and colored pencils

process video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNRUfOg186o

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