Meet the Artists: Sha'an d'Anthes a.k.a Furry Little Peach

NAME: Sha'an d'Anthes

From:  Australia

Self-taught Traditional Artist expert in the art of Watercolors


Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr // Shop 

I will not bore you with much description. She is actually quite well known, and one of the few ‘big’ artists that actually seems to answer all her asks. (seriously she has a lot of them). If you have any questions regarding the material she uses I suggest you to look through her Tumblr as she has probably already answered that question or similar. You can also find many more paintings in her Tumblr and Instagram. 

Her Artwork

Meet the Artists: Henry Baker

NAME: Henry Baker

Age: 20

From: Oxford, England.

Self-taught Artist // Student


Instagram // Facebook // Tumblr // Flickr // Society6 //

With just some watercolors and ink pens Henry is able to create vivid and colorful artworks that really take your breath away. Watercolor is a rather hard technique due to the little margin for error and the control you must have. Henry hasn’t just managed to complete the challenge of making a sketch every day but he is almost done with his second go. And incredibly demanding challenge that has shown how much he has improved and has delighted us with a daily watercolor! 

As 365 sketches are too  many to post I will just add some of my favourite, really hard task as they are all amazing. Though, if you want to see all of them i suggest you to go to his Tumblr or Facebook (On Facebook he’s got both challenges and on Tumblr the latter one). You might also want to check his Society6 for prints or even contact him for commissions (email on his Tumblr + ask is always open)

A daily sketch for 365 days part 1.

A daily sketch for 365 days part 2