Game of Thrones won Outstanding Drama Series and Peter Dinklage won Outstanding Supporting Actor at the Emmys. Woohoo!

Coincidentally, I’ve posted a timelapse of the process of this Jon Snow artwork over at www.drawingdispatches.com. Hehe.

Get this printed on wood at Wooden Canvas. Christmas is coming, and artworks make great gifts. Make a GoT fan happy! Woohoo!

Meet the Artists: Leow

NAME: Leow (Male)

Age: 33

From: Malaysia 

Tradition Artist // Illustrator // Art Teacher


Instagram // Facebook

I did not manage to find much information about this artist. So I will share a post he made on Instagram in which he shared 20 facts about himself. 

  1. I am Malaysian.I was born in 1982.
  2. I like black & white & blue. 
  3. I wear Converse sneakers. 
  4. I like to drink coffee,especially caramel latte & affogato. 
  5. I love movies.I go to cinema at least once a week. 
  6. My favorite directors are Tim Burton & Christopher Nolan. 
  7. I like music,most of my cds are electronic music.I listen to my cd walkman everyday. 
  8. My favorite djs are Paul Van Dyk,Nick Warren,Tiesto,Armin Van Buuren… 
  9. I like Moby’s music also! 
  10. I used to be a illustrator.I draw things for local newspaper & magazines. 
  11. I love children books.They have simple stories with beautiful artwork. 
  12. My favorite children books artist is Alexis Deacon@spudfox .His artworks are truly fantastic. 
  13. I like @benjidavies ’s 《Storm Whale》also! 
  14. Voltron, Thundercats, Transformers, Batman animated series, DragonBall,Looney Tunes are my favorite childhood cartoons. 
  15. @jamesjeanart and @ashleywoodart ’s artwork inspired me a lot. 
  16. I dont’ have any studio yet. All of my artwork are created on a small table behind my living room. 
  17. I have many great students that support me.I started my instagram account because some of them asked me to do it. 
  18. I collect some toys including Hoy Toys’s Iron Man, ThreeA’s Real Steel. 
  19. I always think that my artworks are not good enough.I can do it better in the next piece. 
  20. I hope that I can create more nice artwork in the future and share them with you all.

And now his beautiful artwork