watercolor, florida

I don’t know how to process the tragedy that has unfolded in my community of Orlando. Watching the world learn and react to the news fills me with a flurry of different emotions but they all come out as tears.

A year ago, a bomb went off in Bangkok while I was in Thailand. I remember even then, a thousand miles from home in a foreign world, I felt safer there than I did back in the United States. Now I live ten minutes away from the site of the biggest mass shooting in our history.

Please just remember while you feel fear, heartbreak, anger, and confusion over this event…. Islam is not to blame. Do not react to hate with more hate. A broken man was blinded by his ignorance, not motivated by religion. Please be safe. Love is love.

Brown Anole - Anolis sagrei. Watercolor on Paper. 2014.

A male anole shows off near Biscayne Bay - Miami, Florida. In a short evening walk along the marina on Miami Beach I spotted this guy and at least two dozen other brown anoles sunning themselves in the last rays of the day. Introduced from Cuba over 100 years ago, the brown anole can be found in extremely dense populations, and many fear that the native Carolina Anole - Anolis carolinensis - is being squeezed out of its home territory. Just six inches long to the tip of its thin tail, the Brown anole may not get as much media attention as the Burmese Pythons and Nile Monitor Lizards that are invading the Everglades, but they still pose an environmental threat.