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Early Chinese New Year art :) For those of you who don’t know, It will be the year of the Sheep soon! 

Progress doesn’t include all the extra lines I put in to measure out the window in the back ground. >__>; It was such an intense process that I forgot to take pictures! Also one of the pictures is blurry and I didn’t realize! But I figured its nicer to kind of see the step rather than not at all. 

I decided to ink over the pencil lines this time around and it was tons and tons of extra work but I really like the outcome. I think i’ll start doing so more often.

I learned a couple things doing this entry. 1) watercolors are fun so I should practice more and 2) tombow dual pens mix a little too well with water. Anyway the potions are for wisdom and courage, two things I could always use more of. Day 27 of the October challenge by @journaling-junkie

Here’s the babies!
I’ll give a detailed breakdown in time like I did for the coloured pencils but for now: I believe almost any paint can work if you’re patient and cheap paints are FINE for work that will be reproduced or for practice!
Due to lightfast and permanence issues however, I do recommend people comfortable with watercolour and willing to invest in it get at least student grade for selling originals (professional is obv. Better)
The only paint I have nothing positive to say about is Daler Rowney: simply watercolour (cake version). They were tough to get off the palette, super opaque, not very vibrant, don’t mix well, and when dry are super chalky and will rub off of the page (which is forgivable if there’s at least one pro to it). They were fairly cheap but the reeves, Staedtler, and Artists Loft were around the same price are each at least had one strength. Can’t say the same for DR lol I really hated them
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these baby whales :3

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding my drawing tools so I decided to share this post on tumblr as well~  🎨
above materials are basically what I’m using right now. so, I’ll be listing them down here;

1. Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box
2. Copic refills, Derwent paper stumps and pencil extenders
3. Copic Sketch markers [72pc. Set B]
4. Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, Soft Core [132 pack]
5. POP Artz sketchbook
6. Strathmore Visual Journal: Watercolor - 140lb
7. Strathmore Visual Journal: Bristol - Smooth
8. Strathmore Toned Tan [5.5" x 8.5"]
9. Sekai markers (these are really nice as they give full solid color)
10. just different brands of black colored pencils ._.
11. COPIC Opaque White with built-in fine brush (this is the one for my white highlights. magicccc ; v; my absolute favorite 😘) / for alternative of this, Sakura White Gelly Roll Pen is also pretty good!

Hope this helps for people who are wondering about my art supplies and have a nice day guys~ 🎨🌟

Done with the base colors :)
Straw hat pirates Genderbend :))))))

This is only the base colors and it still took me forever
So the laziness that is my nature is telling me I shouldn’t color it for real

Watercolor Tutorial!

I was requested to show you guys how I go about doing my watercolor pieces so here is a quick little tutorial on how I do things!

Firstly my supplies

  • Paper :  Heavier paper, I use Strathmore because its the most reasonably priced and you can get it in good sizes 
  • Watercolor : I don’t like the tubes of wet watercolor so I use the blocks of compressed pigment this little kit is Koi Watercolors; Pocket field sketch box (made by the same people who make microns)
  • Brushes : Its a strange assortment but I like using smaller ones to get better detail. I also use a larger assortment to fill in backgrounds
  • Pens & Pencils : I use a H or 2H for sketching because its so light. I use Hybrid Technica pens (.3 or smaller) These things are so tiny and awesome for getting small lines down (Just make sure to leave them a lot of time to dry!!!) And then of course micron pens! they’re archival ink so watercolor doesn’t smudge them around


  • I just sketch my forms out really lightly to get the form and overall shapes out DONT GO TOO DARK WITH THIS if you do then your lines will show through the light layers of paint


  • I’m going to show two different ways of how I paint, the 1st one where I don’t use any outline at all, and the second is the style that I’ve used with the other Steven universe prints


  •  Keep the first layer light! It takes a lot of layers to get everything done. Make sure you let each layer dry completely before moving on! (this will save you sosos much trouble)

Now just a shit ton of layers

The first way I do the watercolor painting:

  • So this way is a lot softer and doesn’t use any pen for outline or anything like that. So you keep the true nature of the “watercolor” look
  • (sorry for the messiness off these lines I was trying to get this tutorial out real quick) 
  • keep your layers light, I basically treat watercolor in this sense like gouache 
  • Something really important when yo’re mixing your colors, I keep each section separate. So each batch for the hair, skin and dress, even though they’re all blue. I keep them separated so I know which one I’m working with. 
  • Lastly I just go over my lines (once everything is dry) with microns of varying thickness to get everything back to a level that I like!


I finished out the the half page! here’s what it looks like!

Thats about it! If you have any more questions let me know!