watercolor is my favorite

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to color the sketch, so I made two painings :p They both give off different feels! The right one is more my go-to-style, but I like how the left one turned out too! It feels warmer than the right one

But Steven Universe again! xD I really like making SU fan art, the characters are so much fun to draw! This time it’s Pearl, although Garnet and Peridot are my favorites…


Watercolor illustrations for my Italian Fashion Design midterm! I based my designs on the phosphorescent flora of Pandora from the movie Avatar.

This was one of the most fun projects I’ve had in college. Next step is making the skirt from the top right design, here’s hoping it’ll turn out as planned. 

I’m having a sketch day, so I won’t really have any new images worth uploading for a couple days. Instead, I wanted to share the older piece of mine that is my biggest inspiration for my current body of work that I am creating for Antler Gallery:

“Coragyps atratus”, 2015, Ball point pen, Ink pencils, Acrylic ink, Marker, Colored pencil, Graphite, and Gel pen on Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper, 18 ¼ x 24in. sold.

This piece was my favorite from my first solo show. It was at the amazing, but sadly no longer around, Roq La Rue Gallery.